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Perfect presents for every gardener this Christmas!

To help with finding the perfect present for the gardener in your life, we’ve put our thinking caps on to bring you our suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for every gardener – however they love to garden. Lawn lover? Allotmenteer? Houseplant parent? Read on to find inspiration for every type of gardener.
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Perfect presents for every gardener this Christmas!
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Perfect presents for every gardener this Christmas!

Early December already, and with Jack Frost nipping at your nose, are you starting to feel Christmassy yet? Maybe you’re someone who tries to ignore Christmas until 24 December. Or maybe you’ve just got too much to do and want things to be as easy as possible. Well, to help with finding the perfect present for the gardener in your life, we’ve put our thinking caps on to bring you our suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for every gardener – however they love to garden.


The lawn lover

If you know that the sight of a smooth green sward brings joy to the heart of the gardener in your life, you might like to take a look at our lawn care collection. It includes smaller hand tools like our clever RHS-endorsed dandelion weeder which is so effective at tackling those persistent weeds with long tap roots. There’s also larger tools like our classic RHS-endorsed half moon lawn edger for the crispest of edges. And of course, there’s a selection of shears, ideal for tackling shaggy growth along edges and in corners where the mower can’t get. There’s lots of ideas here to help keep any lawn looking luscious and lovely.


The seed sower
If you’re buying for someone who enjoys sowing from seed, we’d probably direct you to our Essential Tools collection. This is packed with handy bits and bobs for jobs around the potting shed – sowing, transplanting, potting on. It includes our popular Paper Pot Maker, which allows the gardener to make limitless paper seedling pots from old newspapers. When the time comes to plant out, the whole paper pot can be popped in the ground, with zero root disturbance. Watch your favourite gardener’s transplanting success rate skyrocket! With prices from £3.99 to £13.99, our Essential Tools collection is great for stocking filler ideas too, or for making up a mix’n’match personal potting hamper.

Alternatively, maybe a smart new seed storage tin would fit the bill? You'll find seed tins, caddies, bird seed tins and tool rack in our storage collection.


The country gardener
Now, if your gardening loved one is looking to capture the romance of pottering in a beautiful country garden, we might suggest something from our Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball collection. This collection showcases Sophie’s signature designer style, and everything in it is not only practical, but simply gorgeous too! From beautifully gift-boxed hand tools to elegant gardening accessories in a classic country-house ticking stripe, this collection will help your gardener look – and feel – the part.

Another option might be our beautiful RHS Gifts for Gardeners collection. As RHS licensees, we’re lucky to have access to the fabulous RHS Lindley Collections of historic botanical artworks. We’ve been inspired to create the uniquely stylish patterns which feature on these gardening gifts. These gift sets feature our regular RHS tools with a splash of colour, so you can be sure you’re giving a gift which will last. The trowels and hand forks carry our lifetime guarantee, and the cutting tools are guaranteed for ten years. With a choice of colours and patterns, there’s something here for everyone who loves a classic look.


The Allotmenteer

For a gardener who likes to get down and dirty on their allotment, we’d probably pick something with a ‘no-frills’ feel. Tools are a good bet, but your gardener is likely to already have their own favourites when it comes to forks and spades. Instead, something ‘a bit different’ is a good idea. One of our most popular tools for allotmenteers is our Japanese Razor Hoe. Over ten years ago it was recommended by garden writer Alys Fowler, and it’s practically had its own fan club ever since! It’s a super-tough weeder and cultivator which makes short works of weeds. It’s available in three options, too – short-handled, left-handed, and long-handled.

Or check out our Tough Tools collection, where there’s lots of sturdy tools for hand-on growers. Our Vegetable Hoe is another favourite, for example. Another tool that’s always well-received is our Weed Slice. Forged in tough high-carbon steel, the Weed Slice has a small sharp head which is great for weeding between rows of veggies with minimal soil disturbance, and it’s also available in several versions.

Another option for your gorgeous grower might be our Kneelo® collection of memory foam kneelers – and knee pads too, for people who like to wander as they work. Our original Kneelo was the first memory foam kneeler on the market back in 2010, and this year we’ve revamped it so there’s even more foam. Knees have never known comfort like it! It’s available in a wide selection of no-nonsense colours, so there’s bound to be one to bring them joy when they’re on their plot.


The patio gardener
Who doesn’t love a pot on their patio? They’re great for balconies, patios and courtyard gardens, and useful for adding a focal point to a larger space. It’s handy to have some specialist tools to use in them though, as they’re often quite tightly-planted. You might like to have a look at our RHS-endorsed container tool collection, with its large-capacity scoop for faster filling, and a really handy small-space weeder.

Another handy tool for container gardening is the long thin trowel from our Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball collection. It's really useful for planting or weeding in densely-planted pots, and it comes in a lovely gift box too!

Maybe your gardener plants in raised beds, in which case they might find longer-reach tools handy. Our RHS-endorsed mid-handled trowel and fork give that bit of extra reach just when you need it. 


The houseplant parent
If your gardener is an indoor one who’s passionate about their houseplants, we have lots of ideas for the home, too. You might check out our houseplant tools collection for a selection of cutting tools to care for their leafy lovelies, and even a set of tiny terrarium tools for precision working with compost and gravel top finishes. Then we have a big choice of stylish indoor plant pots designed for the latest trends in interiors. Designs range from tiny hanging pots like the Baby Dotty – just right for a weeping plant like a String of Hearts – to larger pots like the Malibu extra large pot, ideal for larger statement houseplants. Our pots have all been sized to be compatible with the most popular sizes of plants sold in garden centres, so putting a plant-and-pot combo together is super easy!

Maybe an indoor watering can or a mister might come in handy, too. Our cans and misters are more than smart enough to leave out on show, the perfect addition to any #shelfie!


We hope these ideas give some inspiration when it comes to buying a little something to bring joy to the gardener in your life this Christmas. From everyone here at Burgon & Ball, we wish you a merry Christmas, and a great year of gardening in 2023!

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