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What kind of gardening mum do you have?

Mother’s Day this year falls on 11th March – and that’s not far off! While every mum appreciates the steps you take to spoil her on Mother’s Day, why not be prepared this year, and organise a gorgeous gardening gift to make her day really special?
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What kind of gardening mum do you have?
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What kind of gardening mum do you have?

Mother’s Day this year falls on 11th March – and just in case you’re still struggling to shake off a January feeling that 2018 has only just began… that’s not far off! While every mum appreciates the steps you take to spoil her on Mother’s Day, why not be prepared this year, and organise a gorgeous gardening gift to make her day really special?

But what kind of gift to buy? Well, of course it depends on your mum’s personality and gardening style. Read on for some suggestions from our gift ranges that might help make Mum’s day.

The ‘traditional’ mum: if your mum is a gardener who secretly quite fancies pottering around an historic walled garden, filling the trug over her arm with gorgeous cut dahlias or dewy roses – and to be fair, who doesn’t?! - she’ll probably appreciate something from our Flora and Fauna collection (pictured above). The collection is part of our ‘RHS Gifts for Gardeners’ range, and the tools carry RHS endorsement, perhaps the highest accolade in the world of gardening. They also look absolutely beautiful! The design is a collage of illustrations from the RHS Lindley Library, and has a classic ‘chinoiserie’ feel. It includes elegant Chinese watercolours and hand-coloured engravings dating from 1819-1912. With gift sets of tools, gloves, and indoor watering can, a colourful umbrella and lots more, there’s plenty of gift inspiration here, with quintessentially English style.

FloraBriteThe ‘practical’ mum: of course, some mums who prefer a hands-on approach to the garden. The practical mum likes getting out there in her wellies and getting her hands dirty. She tears through the garden tasks, leaving tools scattered in her wake in her enthusiasm to cultivate, cut back and create. She’s probably lost a few tools in her time, thrown into the compost with the lawn clippings, to emerge months or even years later. We think this mum might appreciate something from our RHS-endorsed FloraBrite® range of fabulously bright fluorescent tools to show up in any foliage, with reflective elements to shine under torchlight. She’ll never lose another tool – and will think of you every time she uses it, for years to come.

Sophie ConranThe ‘classically elegant’ mum: some mums just have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Inherently stylish, they always look cool, elegant, and perfectly poised – even when planting what seems like the thousandth bulb, or chopping through clumps of perennials. We think this mum would love the look of our Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball collection, with its modern country house style. The result of our collaboration with Sophie Conran, the only daughter in the famous Conran British design dynasty, this range of garden tools and accessories is certainly practical, but it also has that designer touch to lift it out of the ordinary.  From beautiful brass ferrules on the hand tools, to touches of real leather on the classic ticking stripe gardening apron, this range combines the highest quality materials with superlative design – perfect for a super-stylish gardening mum!

The ‘fashion-forward’ mum: if your mum has her finger on the fashion pulse, she’ll know that houseplants – and especially succulents – are big news in the style stakes at the moment. And our Brie Harrison for Burgon & Ball collection perfectly captures the mood, with Brie’s gorgeously quirky designs of houseplants, cacti and colourful pots adorning every item. The items are perfect for tending houseplants, with delicate ergonomic secateurs, an indoor watering can, and a beautiful gift set of trowel, dainty snips and a stylish plant label to decorate an indoor pot. Brie’s on-trend botanical designs have long been a favourite on upholstery and greetings cards – and now they can be enjoyed by mums who love the hot trend for houseplants.

Brie Harrison

The ‘doesn’t do gardening’ mum: even mums who claim not to have green fingers appreciate a touch of greenery around the home. Not only is it very trendy to add houseplants to your décor, it can really help improve the indoor environment, since many houseplants act as air purifiers. And there are certainly lots of options when it comes to easy-care plants for the home; a spider plant (Spathiphyllum), for example, is pretty hard to kill off, and is a fantastic air purifier. In fact, it features on NASA’s official list of air-filtering plants - you can read the science here. Aloe vera is another NASA air-filtering favourite, and perfectly taps into the trend for succulents – it’ll look so stylish in one of our beautiful indoor pots, and will take next to no looking after.

We hope this has provided some inspiration for gardening gifts for marvellous mums. Here’s to a gorgeously green-fingered and extra-special Mother’s Day this year!

Indoor pots from Burgon & Ball will make Mum's day

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  • Hi Stuart, Sorry but we no longer offer the rabbit topiary frame. You can search our site, though – on the top menu at the right hand side (next to the Login button) you should see a button saying ‘type your search here’. Hope this helps.

    Burgon & Ball on
  • I want topiary rabbits. I have had them before and I want more. On your website i cannot find a search for systemor filters. How can I find them?

    Stuart Maxfield on
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