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Get growing together with RHS Growing Gardeners

We love to get people gardening, and that includes people of all sizes! We know that kids love to get outside and they have a fascination with nature. But sometimes their grown-ups might not be certain how to get them started. Our new RHS Growing Gardeners range aims to make it easy and fun to enjoy gardening together.
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Get growing together with RHS Growing Gardeners
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Get growing together with RHS Growing Gardeners

We love to get people gardening – and that includes people of all sizes! We know that kids love to get outside and get grubby, and that they have a fascination with nature. But sometimes their grown-ups might not be certain on how to get them started. So we thought we’d make it easier for families of all kinds to enjoy gardening together.

RHS Growing Gardeners is our new range of children’s tools and accessories, but it’s not just about getting the kit. It’s backed by an online resource with family-friendly ideas, projects and inspiration from the trusted experts at the RHS, developed to make gardening with children easy and fun. We hope it will build on the love for gardening together that families have discovered in recent years.

The activity-based approach makes it easy for families to start enjoying gardening together. The grown-up can select a project from the online resource such as growing a sunflower or making pine cone bird feeders – something to suit their child, their home, and the time available. Growing Gardeners makes it easy to pick an activity, find the kit – and get gardening!

Designed for age range 5 – 12, the range has been developed to appeal to all kinds of families, living in all kinds of homes. Whether a family has a large outdoor space, or is looking for an indoor windowsill project, we hope RHS Growing Gardeners will spark the imagination.


You can find the resource online at - there’s a QR code on the packaging of every item in the range, to take you straight there. RHS Growing Gardeners is so hot-off-the-press, the technology hasn’t quite caught up yet, so the resource will be going live in the next few weeks. In the meantime you’ll find a project there to grow a sunflower, to get you started!

In addition to tools and accessories such as trowel and hand fork, digging fork and spade, watering can, gloves, dibber and planting ruler set, paper pot maker and more, the range introduces a number of completely new ideas for family gardening.

Link-a-Pot is a set of three plant pots with clear bases to show when the plant needs watering, helping families keep their plants healthy for a positive growing experience. The pots can be linked together to form chains and shapes, or linked with additional sets.

2-in-1 potting mat and tool bag

A potting mat and tool bag is a clever dual-function design. It’s a handy way to store or transport tools, unzipping to form a 62 x 33cm potting mat, to keep tabletop or bench clean while gardening.

Finally, there’s My Garden Patch, sets of colourful garden stakes in a choice of flower or veg designs, to mark out the young gardener’s special patch in the garden.

The range has been created with sustainability front of mind. There are recycled and recyclable materials; sustainable materials like bamboo; and recyclable card packaging. The durability of the tools and accessories lifts them out of the throwaway ‘sandpit tools’ category, instead offering a ‘buy once, buy right’ investment in quality.

With the support of the online resource, and with RRPs ranging from just £4.99 up to £22.99, there’s something here to help every family have a positive, successful and creative gardening experience together.

My Garden Patch stakes


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