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Father’s Day gifts for gardening dads 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year it’s on June 19th, so it’s definitely time to get organised. Kitting him out with some great gardening gizmos will be a sure-fire way to make him feel loved! Here's our pick of the best Father's Day gifts for gardeners 2022, so read on for gift inspiration.
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Father’s Day gifts for gardening dads 2022
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Father’s Day gifts for gardening dads 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year it’s on June 19th, so it’s definitely time to get organised. They say men can be difficult to buy for, but if you’re lucky enough to have a green-fingered gent in your life, the task is made that bit easier. Kitting him out with some great gardening gizmos will be a sure-fire way to make him feel loved!

Of course, if you’re a dad yourself, you may want to make sure that this year Father’s Day brings you something you actually want. If this is the case, feel free to direct your loved ones to the below for a little gift inspiration!

Read on for some ideas for useful gifts for the smart man-about-the-garden.


RHS-endorsed single-handed grass shear RRP £22.99 (See photo at top of page)
This has to be one of favourite lawn care gadgets – and how lucky that Father’s Day falls at the perfect time to use it! We’ve designed it for easy trimming all those odd corners where the mower can’t reach. It features a non-stick coating on one blade to minimise gumminess, and there’s an easy-to-use one-touch lock mechanism. Best of all though, the blades rotate through 180 degrees on the handle, so you can use the shear at precisely the right angle for the cutting task at hand - horizontally to cut long grass, vertically to trim edges, or even diagonally, if required. How clever is that!

Kneelo® knee pads RRP 16.99
Our Kneelo® range of kneelers and knee pads has always been a favourite with gardeners. They were the first memory foam kneelers on the market back in 2010, when we decided to apply 21st century foam technology to the humble kneeler. And now they’re even better! We’ve re-engineered Kneelo for 2022, with new colours, new textures, and astonishingly, we’ve managed to pack in 30 per cent more foam than in the original design. What’s more, the unique cut-out design means they don’t ride up or dig in uncomfortably when kneeling. As well as gardening, they’re ideal for DIY and hobbies like car or bike maintenance. His knees have never known comfort like this!

Corona Max Forged DualCUT Branch and Stem Pruner RRP £43.99 
Corona is our US-based sister company, and we’re pleased to offer these high-performance tools to UK gardeners. The Corona name is known for durability and reliability, and in North America it’s a brand that’s trusted by keen gardeners and professional landscapers alike. You can be sure that you’ll be giving a Father’s Day gift which will stand up to some pretty robust treatment. The clever DualCUT blade design makes this pruner ideal both for quick, repetitive cuts, and powerful larger cuts up to 2.5cm. With fully-forged steel construction, a concealed spring and a lifetime guarantee, this a pruner made to last.

National Trust Made by Burgon & Ball trowel and fork RRP £11.99 each
These tools are from our collaboration with the National Trust, Europe’s largest conservation charity, and they have a very distinctive look which Dad is sure to love. Crafted in high-carbon steel for strength, the trowel and fork have a powder coating in an antique bronze colour to protect from rust. The tip of the trowel and the tines of the fork are sharpened, to slide easily through the ground. The dark FSC wood handles are highlighted beautifully by the solid brass ferrule, etched with the National Trust and Burgon & Ball maker’s marks. These tools are handsome and designed to work hard – just like Dad!

RHS-endorsed rose pruner RRP £22.99
If Dad loves his roses, this pruner is a must-have. As the blade completes the cut, a gripping mechanism locks on to the cut stem to hold it firmly. The stem can then be extracted and dropped into barrow or bin without the gardener needing to touch it. What a clever idea! As well as useful for roses, it’s also extremely handy for dealing with all kinds of thorny or irritant plants, like euphorbia, brambles, or nettles.


Weed Slice RRP £26.99
Weed Slice is one of our most popular tools, and it’s a bit of a game-changer when it comes to weeding. Used horizontally and skimming just below the surface, it cuts through roots and shoots before weeds get a hold. Soil disturbance is minimal, moisture is retained and dormant seeds aren’t brought to the surface. Used just a couple of times a week, Weed Slice will keep beds, borders and allotments weed-free all season long. If Dad likes to get up close and personal when he’s weeding, there’s a short-handled version too. Weed Slice is great for use in gravel too, and for larger areas and driveways, super-size him with Super Slice.

So treat Dad to a gardening gift this Father's Day, and inspire him to get the most out of his time in the garden this summer.


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