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Corona: built for performance since 1928

You may have noticed some rather smart red-handled tools under the name Corona® on on website. Corona Tools is our US sister company, founded back in 1928 in the city of Corona, California. Here's the story behind this heritage US brand, and a tiny orange clipper which revolutionised the US citrus industry.
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Corona: built for performance since 1928
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Corona: built for performance since 1928

If you’ve visited our website in recent months, you may have noticed a sprinkling of rather smart tools under the name Corona®.

You’ll be very familiar with the word Corona, of course: it has to be one of the most-used terms of 2020. But Corona Tools is in fact our US sister company, founded back in 1928 in the city of Corona, California, and based there ever since. We’ve curated a hand-picked selection of tools from the extensive Corona ranges, and we’re really thrilled to be able to make them available to UK gardeners.

For decades, Corona has been a by-word for quality in North America. Professionals and keen gardeners alike rely on Corona cutting tools, hand tools and long-handled tools for their long-lasting durability and performance. These trusted tools are engineered for lasting performance, combining superb engineering with the highest quality materials and advanced technical design. Corona tools are more than up to the job, however tough it gets.



So what’s the story behind this American heritage brand?

The story starts in 1928, in California’s expanding citrus industry, which came to be known as the state’s second Gold Rush. Back then, transporting the fresh fruit to the east coast by rail could take 15 days, and it often arrived in poor condition. Growers needed a solution to help deliver the fruit in prime condition so they could command a premium price.

At the time, the fruit was simply pulled from the tree, leading to spoilage during transport. Longer, broken stems would also pierce and damage the rinds of neighbouring fruit. Realising the issue, a local schoolteacher noted that harvesting by cutting would be less damaging, and that a precision cutting tool would sever the stem cleanly and smoothly, leaving each orange intact for its long journey.

Inspired, the teacher designed a hand tool, and asked a local blacksmith to forge it. Following the teacher’s specification, the smith used his traditional metalworking skills to produce a small, precise and durable orange shear, which proved to be an ideal solution. Thanks to this innovation in the harvesting process, the world could enjoy beautiful citrus fruit from the Golden State. The blacksmith, meanwhile, went on to become a supplier to the California citrus industry - and Corona was born.

Over ninety years later, Corona still produces this shear and continues to excel at combining the best of American engineering with innovation, to solve real problems for professionals and keen gardeners. It develops tools that can tackle the toughest and most extreme conditions, while achieving the professional results its users demand. A Corona tool is the promise of superior quality with lasting performance, season after season.

The Corona ranges which we’ve specially selected for UK gardeners include high quality cutting tools, saws, axes, digging tools and long-handled tools. These ranges offer a wide choice of designs, incorporating advanced technical features to create the perfect tool for every task - and for every gardener. Ranges include the MAX Forged range of professional-grade tools built for strength and durability, and the ComfortGEL family of feature-rich tools for the keen domestic gardener.

With Corona, innovation is key, creating tools such as the patented FlexDIAL branch and stem pruner with adjustable dial for a custom fit, and the MAX Forged convertible branch and stem pruner, which switches from a single-handed secateur to a two-handed mini lopper at the push of a button – perfect for when you just need that extra bit of cutting power.

We hope you enjoy browsing our choices from the Corona ranges. Without doubt, a Corona tool is the promise of superior quality with lasting performance, season after season.


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