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Baby, it’s cold outside… so enjoy indoor gardening, instead

It’s not really the weather for pottering about in the garden. But houseplants will keep your green fingers occupied until the spring, improve the air quality in your home – and you’ll be bang on trend!
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Baby, it’s cold outside… so enjoy indoor gardening, instead
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Baby, it’s cold outside… so enjoy indoor gardening, instead

It’s not really the weather for pottering about in the garden. Whether you’ve had snow, biting cold, wind, or rain in your neck of the woods, there are times when you just have to accept that discretion is the better part of valour, and beat a retreat indoors.

Cacti are hugely on-trendBut that doesn’t mean you have to give up your green-fingered ways for the winter. Houseplants pay scant regard to the changing seasons, and they’re gorgeous to look at, as well as healthy for the indoor environment. They’re also making headlines in interior design, too – which means that the selection on offer now is better than it has been for a long time.

Why the resurgence in passion for houseplants? It could be to do with a generation of urban plant lovers with no access to a garden. The influence of social media has to be a factor, too. Have a look on Instagram for a term like #indoorplants, for example, and you’ll find half a billion images of green gorgeousness in the home.

The fact is, houseplants have truly come in from the cold. But the trend is about more than the plants; adding greenery to a room’s décor has for several years been a growing theme in interior design, and an eye-catching plant – like Instagram favourites the fiddle leaf fig and the Chinese money plant – is an absolute must-have.

So, when it comes to houseplants, what’s hot? Well, just about everything, right now!

Some key trends are:

  • Succulents and cacti: these low-maintenance lovelies have stacks of style. Their geometic shapes bring fascinating structure to a room, and the many varieties available can evoke either an arid desert, a tropical forest, or bring a more casual driftwood look. Choose ones to complement the mood you’re after. Try grouping them, for added impact.
  • Lush and leafy tropical: statement architectural plants are very much on trend at the moment. Think monstera, think fiddle leaf fig, think banana tree. Forget subtle, go for big leaves and fabulous shades of green to create a totally tropical look. Go for either a single large plant, or go the full ‘urban jungle’ and fill your room to bursting!
  • Air purifiers: these plants work hard as well as softening the edges of modern life. Cascading ivy in a hanging planter, a quietly elegant peace lily, an explosion of Boston fern. These are some of the common houseplants which are said to absorb some of the toxins in our environment. We have all of these in our office, and we love living among them.




Air purifying plants improve air qualityOf course, once you have your super-stylish plant, it will need a beautiful pot. At Burgon & Ball, we're very lucky, in that we're able to create exactly the kind of plant pot we wanted in our homes; attractive, practical pots, with an appealing choice of textures, finishes and materials. As a result, last year we launched our own indoor pot collection.

The muted colours and striking textures of our hanging pots perfectly complement the ‘Scandi’ look, while our glazed pots feature an on-trend artisanal finish with a subtle crackle glaze. And with terracotta already a key trend for 2018, our aged terracotta pots have very much the right look.

So make the most of these indoor months, and take a look at the fabulous houseplants out there. They’ll help keep your green fingers occupied until the sun shines once more, the air quality in your home will improve – and you’ll be bang on trend!

Indoor gardening creates a stylish home, and spreads a little happiness!

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