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Raring to grow? Enter our gardening giveaway with RocketGro!

You won’t get the most out of your plants unless they have the right nutrients. RocketGro's peat-free, organic range of composts, soil improver, mulches and liquid plant feed will help your plants take off. Win a bundle worth over £200 of RocketGro goodies, plus Burgon & Ball tools to help you get growing.
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Raring to grow? Enter our gardening giveaway with RocketGro!
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Raring to grow? Enter our gardening giveaway with RocketGro!


With the best will in the world, you won’t get the most out of your plants unless they have the right nutrients. We’re always on the look-out for ways to improve our growing, so we were excited to learn about growing media from RocketGro.

Only launched in 2021, RocketGro is a relatively young company. It caused a bit of a stir a few months ago at the Garden Press Event, a brilliant event where garden writers and bloggers can discover the latest ideas for gardeners. We liked what we learned there about RocketGro’s organic compost and plant food products. So when we had the opportunity to partner up on a great gardening giveaway, we leapt at the chance!


RocketGro: peat-free, organic compost and plant food

RocketGro is based on a farm in Somerset, which has been farmed by the same family for over a century. Looking to the future, the family started a biogas generation plant 20 years ago. Through an anaerobic digestion process, gas is produced which powers around 8000 homes. The by-product digestate has been used for years by local farmers as a rich alternative to chemical fertilisers. In fact, it earned the nickname ‘Rocket Fuel’ in the farming community!

Wanting to make this feed available to gardeners across the country, RocketGro now blends the digestate with certified Soil Association approved finely graded composted down green waste. The result is RocketGro’s renewable, bio active, environmentally friendly growing media – 100% peat free, organic and sustainable.

Since launching its natural gardening goodness last year, its sustainable products have helped to boost gardens nationwide with their range of composts, soil improver, mulches and liquid plant feed. And now we’ve teamed up with RocketGro to bring one lucky winner the ultimate gardening bundle this summer.



The giveaway


Up for grabs we have the complete RocketGro range, plus a few must-have gardening tools to help with your growing and harvesting. You could win:

1 x Peat-Free Seed & Cutting Compost
1 x Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost
1 x Peat-Free Soil Improver
1 x Peat-Free Fruit & Veg Compost
1 x Peat-Free Ericaceous Compost
1 x Peat-Free Magic Mulch
1 x Peat-Free Luscious Lawn
1 x Peat-Free Tomato & Veg Planter
1 x Peat-Free Liquid Plant Fuel (2.5 litres)
1 x Peat-Free Liquid Plant Fuel (1 litre)
1 x Traditional Large Wooden Trug
1 x Razor Hoe (right handed)
1 x Short-handled Weed Slice
1 x RHS-endorsed Bypass Secateur

Together it’s a bumper bundle worth over £200. Now, wouldn’t that turbo charge your growing this year?

To enter, you’ll need to head over to RocketGro’s website here. Enter your details and you could be a winner! Closes midnight 20th June 2022, open to UK residents only.

Good luck!


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