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We're bigger and better than ever at GLEE!



GIMA award win for Ergo Deadheader



Mind Trap: a lasting impression from a memorable garden



Happiness is... a heuchera! A crash course in heuchera



Five-star award at RHS Chelsea


We're bigger and better than ever at GLEE!

Over 70 new products on show at GLEE 2017

We'll be at this year’s GLEE exhibition (11-13 September) at Birmingham’s NEC to launch our biggest-ever collection of new products.

We're looking forward to welcoming show visitors on our stand (19C26-E27) to see more than 70 innovative new products being unveiled at the show – and if our past performance is anything to go by, there’ll be future best-sellers on show!

In the spotlight will be a stunning new range of stylish indoor plant pots, tapping into the trend for bringing the outdoors in, for a lush, jungly look. Houseplants are making style headlines, and with these pots available in a choice of colours, finishes and sizes, there’s the perfect pot to complement every room. And to make life easy, the pots have been sized to fit the most popular sizes of houseplants sold in garden centres, presenting plenty of opportunity for add-on sales.

The range includes unique hanging pots with a cool, contemporary feel, making it easy to get the latest look. There are also glazed pots in a range of gorgeous colours and styles, with beautiful textured designs and an on-trend artisan appearance. The terracotta pots have a cleverly ‘weathered’ effect, to bring a touch of country house style. Also in the range are quirky cactus vases; just the thing to add character to a unique indoor display.

It will also be the first GLEE outing for the vibrant Brie Harrison for Burgon & Ball collection, an exciting new range of gifts for home and garden. Brie’s on-trend botanical designs feature Swiss cheese plants, cacti and hanging plants, and are chic, contemporary – and effortlessly stylish. The collection of gardening gifts includes a secateur and holster gift set; a trowel, snips and plant label gift set; a comfortable kneeler; gardening gloves; and twine in a tin. There’s also plenty for people who simply love gorgeous design around the home: an indoor watering can, a peg bag, a pencil case, a drinks tray, a storage tin, and a gorgeous umbrella to spread a little sunshine on rainy days.

In terms of tools, there’ll be an ingenious new idea for weeding on show. This clever new design takes the backache out of tackling those unwanted weeds in lawns, and is addictively satisfying to use – weeds watch out!

Autumn 2017 also sees a complete re-launch of the extremely popular Enamelwares collection, bringing it right up to date in terms of colours, materials and design, and introducing natural elements with FSC beech lids and leather handles. The Enamelwares collections sell extremely well both for self-purchase as well as for gifting, and the new designs cover a range of key price points. With products for both home and garden, the new arrivals combine contemporary design with the classic appeal of a tough, hardwearing finish. There’s something here for everyone!

Visitors to our stand will be able to discover affordable and eye-catching additions in our stylish collaboration with designer Sophie Conran, including adorable new bird care products. The Sophie Conran collection of gorgeous garden tools and accessories has been hugely popular since its launch, and enjoys a near-cult following among keen female gardeners. New items both for home and for garden will be launched at GLEE, allowing Sophie aficionadas to enjoy a little Conran style indoors and out.

Visit us at GLEE on Stand 19C26-E27 to see the full range of our exciting new products.

Date: 23.08.17

GIMA award win for Ergo Deadheader

RHS Endorsed pruner takes top tool honours in major industry awards

We were delighted recently to win top honours at the GIMA Awards 2017 with our RHS endorsed Ergo Deadheader, an ergonomically-designed compact deadheading tool.

In a year of record numbers of entries for the awards, we took first place in the ‘Garden Tools, Machinery and Implements’ category. The Ergo Deadheader is a pint-sized pruner that packs a punch, and has been cleverly designed to be held in a new way.

The finger loop, uniquely shaped handles and comfort grip allow the Ergo Deadheader to nestle in the palm, taking the strain off the wrist and thumb, for more comfortable cutting – especially for repetitive tasks like deadheading. The GIMA judges described Ergo Deadheader as “easy and comfortable to use… designed with the user in mind, not just the task.”

Heather Culpan, managing director at Burgon & Ball, says: “We are delighted to be recognised for a new product in our core RHS endorsed range of cutting tools. As the only garden tools endorsed by the RHS, which is perhaps the ultimate recommendation in the gardening world, it’s incredibly important to us that these tools are innovative, effective and of the highest quality. This award in the garden tool category clearly shows that the work we do in collaboration with the RHS is delivering the tools that gardeners want.”

Heather continues: “Sales of Ergo Deadheader have been consistently strong since we launched it at GLEE last September, and it was certainly hugely popular with visitors to our stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May. This award proves that it’s a hit with the GIMA UK judges, too – who of course also take into account how products meet the requirements of retailers. We’re delighted that this ingenious little tool ticks all the boxes!”

It was a successful night at the awards for Burgon & Ball; our FloraBrite range was a finalist in both the ‘Garden Clothing & Gifts’ and ‘Garden Tools, Machinery and Implements’ categories, and our Brie Harrison for Burgon & Ball collection was a finalist in the ‘Best Consumer Product Packaging’ category. We'd like to thank the GIMA judges for recognising us in these important industry awards.

Date: 18.07.17

Mind Trap: a lasting impression from a memorable garden

Postcards from Chelsea: part 5

One of the gardens which has stayed with me since the Chelsea Flower Show was one of the Fresh Gardens. These striking gardens are often quite modern in appearance. They are created around a concept, and can sometimes be quite challenging. The one which caught my eye on the Saturday of the build-up before the show opened, and one which certainly appealed to the RHS judges, was the ‘Mind Trap’ garden by Ian Price.

At Burgon & Ball, we like to think we know a little bit about metal, as we’ve been working with steel in Sheffield since 1730. Undeniably, the creative use of metal in a garden is always striking, the smooth lines and shiny glint never failing to create an arresting contrast with Nature’s handiwork around it. But for us in the Burgon & Ball team, the use of metal in garden adds an extra level of interest, and I was drawn to take a closer look.

Ian’s garden was very different to the bright and colourful planting elsewhere at the show. Dry grasses, thistles and a scary-looking poncirus with murderous thorns were interspersed with softer plants around the perimeter of the garden. Even here, though, plants that were bright and vibrant seemed somehow challenging, with some surprising jolts of colour. Was the colour welcome relief, or worrying edginess?

At the centre of the garden, was a single isolated block; a seat? Surrounding it, a seemingly deep and dark pool. And surrounding that, four walls, off-kilter and slanting, filled with jagged shapes and wire grilles. Are they comforting security, or imprisonment for the garden visitor?

Not an easy garden to spend time in, then… but one by which I was intrigued. Chatting to one of Ian’s team, and then to the garden’s designer himself, I learned the story behind the Mind Trap.

Ian designed the garden to represent his personal story of living with depression. He aimed to reassure others in the same position that they are not alone, and to break down the stigma of talking about the illness. First objective achieved, then.

Essentially, the garden is both a refuge and a prison. The visitor may not be comfortable sitting at the centre, with the walls pressing in, but are they brave enough to attempt the impossible, walking on water to escape? It emerges that the pool is only an inch deep, and the journey out can be easier than you think. On the way, though, there are twists and turns; sudden drops in the pathway and treacherous plants, including a prickly wire-netting bush; and a spiral rill which might pull you back down, like an unlucky throw in Snakes and Ladders. Ian showed me the scratches on his arms, the result of long days working with the difficult plants he’d selected; clearly, this garden was a labour of love for him.

Even once the visitor escapes the walls and reaches the softer planting at the garden’s edge, there are hidden dangers – thistles to catch you unawares, and edgy colours to unsettle. But these are plants which thrive in the sun… and there will be sunshine, is the garden’s powerful message. It might not be easy, but be brave enough to take that first step, and an astonishing journey will unfold. And there’s an unrecognisable life outside those walls.

This garden has an important theme and I was very deeply moved by it. The RHS judges also must have felt the same, and recognised also its superb execution, rewarding Ian with a gold medal at his first Chelsea.

Ian told me if his garden helped just one person, he’d be happy. I’m sure it helped many more than that during the week, and I was touched to read later that plants from the garden were sold off at the end of the show, raising funds for three charities which help people experiencing tough times.

Any Chelsea garden is the result of a huge team effort, and Ian explained that without the whole team understanding the message and believing in the garden, Mind Trap would have only existed on paper. idverde was the sponsor and contractor for this exceptional garden, and there's lots of fascinating background information and photos on the idverde website at www.idverde.co.uk/mind-trap/.

Congratulations to Ian Price on his gold medal for this haunting garden, and many thanks to him also for his bravery in bringing this challenging theme out into the Chelsea sunshine.


Date: 15.06.17

Happiness is... a heuchera! A crash course in heuchera

Postcards from Chelsea: part 4

This year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we were very pleased to be awarded five stars from the RHS judges for our trade stand on Main Avenue. Visitors to the show might not be aware that the trade stands at the show are judged, just like the gardens and the exhibitors in the Great Pavilion. After all, Chelsea is a very special flower show, and it’s important that trade stands have the highest levels of presentation, and an approach which goes beyond simply selling. Creativity, design and theatre all attract positive comment from the judges.

Well, it seems our stand opposite the Welcome to Yorkshire stand had all of that – in spades! Our fabulous fluorescent FloraBrite range danced in front of a backdrop of black planting, making a spectacular sight that stopped passers-by in their tracks.

The gorgeously dark heuchera which formed the dramatic backdrop were sourced from Cheshire-based Plantagogo, and to learn more about these black beauties, I went along to meet Vicky and Richard Fox on the Plantagogo stand in the Great Pavilion.

2017 is Plantagogo’s ninth year at Chelsea, and with eight consecutive gold medals under their belt, the pressure was on for the husband and wife team. Although the couple were busy with final preparations to bring their stand to the peak of perfection, they very kindly took some time to give me a crash course in heuchera – and I was very taken with what I had thought of as a rather inconspicuous foliage plant.

On the stand in front of me was a virtual firework display of heuchera, with spears of flowers shooting upwards from a huge variety of multi-coloured leaves. Inconspicuous? How wrong could I have been…?

There were around 35 varieties on the stand this year, and Vicky explained that since Plantagogo started specialising in heuchera back in 1990, the nursery has launched up to 10 new varieties a year. The couple hold three National Collections: of heuchera (with round leaves); of Tiarella (with star-shaped leaves); and Heucheralla (a cross between the two, with round but deeply serrated leaves).

Heuchera may be beautiful in their variety, but they’re very tough little plants. A North American woodland plant, they can cope with both sun and shade, are fully hardy, and even laugh off slugs, so Vicky claimed. I’ll be putting that to the test!

As a rule of thumb, the deeper colours tend to be happier in sun, while the paler colours cope better with shade. The only thing that’s a ‘must’ for heuchera is well-drained soil, as they don’t like sitting in water.

One of the stars of the display was the heuchera ‘Thomas’, developed by Plantagogo. It was by far the largest heuchera on the stand, and really caught the eye with its striking flower stems some two feet tall. Vicky told me that the variety was named for their very tall basketball-playing son, who earned 55 caps for England’s youth teams and then played in the States. One to be justly proud of – both son and plant.

On our Burgon & Ball stand at the show, we featured the varieties ‘Black Taffeta’ and ‘Slater’s Pink’, which is one of the Foxes’ own developments, launched just last year, with a dark leaf and bright pink flowers in summer. I’ve taken some home to try around my own garden, and I’m confident they’ll look wonderful.

Thanks to Vicky and Richard for their time on a very busy day – and congratulations on a ninth consecutive gold medal at Chelsea!


Date: 31.05.17

Five-star award at RHS Chelsea

We win top trade stand honours at the world-famous flower show

Last week we were delighted to win five stars from the Royal Horticultural Society for our stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017.

In our twenty-first year at the show, we were honoured for the outstanding presentation of our stand. The trade stand awards recognise exhibitors which enhance the Chelsea visitor experience by combining creativity, design and theatre in a stand which is not only about product, but which offers an attraction in its own right.

The dazzling new FloraBrite range of tools took centre stage on our stand this year. Against a striking backdrop of black-hued plants, the fluorescent tools simply glowed with colour, stopping passers-by in their tracks. The display was extremely eye-catching and communicated very effectively to stand visitors that it will be a tough job to lose these tools in the garden.

The plants used in the display were heuchera ‘Black Taffeta’ and ‘Slater’s Pink’; ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' (black mondo grass) and aeonium ‘Velour’. All were carefully planted up on a back wall, forming a perfect foil to the bright and beautiful FloraBrite tools, which hovered in mid-air in front.

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “We are delighted to receive this five-star award from the judges. It feels very appropriate that our stand has been so well-received this year in particular, as we created the FloraBrite range after customer requests for ‘unlosable’ tools at the Chelsea Flower Show in recent years. It somehow feels as if FloraBrite has returned home!

“Every year at Chelsea we work very hard to ensure that we deliver a stand of a sufficiently high standard for the space that we occupy on Main Avenue. We’re in a high-profile position amongst the show gardens - this year we’re next to the silver medal-winning ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ garden - and we feel we have a lot to live up to. We’re delighted that the RHS panel feels we have added to the visitor experience with our stand this year."

Heather continues: “We invest significantly both in new product development, and in building our brand presence. It’s a combination which means we have exciting new products, and importantly, that our customers know where to buy them. We get excellent feedback from our trade partners, but each year the Chelsea Flower Show is our best and most immediate opportunity to get feedback from the gardeners who use and love our products.

“We’re thrilled that this year both our stand visitors and the RHS judging panel feel that our quality, expertise and innovation are on display on Main Avenue.”

Date: 30.05.17

Music and Meconopsis: Chris Beardshaw's Morgan Stanley garden

Postcards from Chelsea: part 3

One of the joys of the Chelsea Flower Show is that you can completely immerse yourself in floral loveliness; every way you look, there's more to discover. Leaving our stand next to Welcome to Yorkshire garden and heading along Main Avenue, the lush greenery of Chris Beardshaw's Morgan Stanley garden repeatedly caught my eye.

During the weekend of the build up, this garden kept luring me back to watch how the changing light played over the fabulous, rich and varied planting. Late on Saturday evening, as the sun was dropping and the wind was picking up after a day of sunshine and showers, I visited it to watch the light slanting through the cooler, greener end of the garden. A man in hi-vis appeared next to me, holding a handful of canes, and I realised that it was the garden's creator, Chris Beardshaw. He was checking to see how the taller plants were faring in the strengthening breeze, in case any needed staking up overnight.

He very kindly gave an overview of the concept behind the garden, and said how much he'd enjoyed working with the phenomenal talent of the young musicians of the National Youth Orchestra. A challenging concept, to convey music in a garden, but it makes perfect sense. The two arts have much in common; a similar language, a structure of repeated but varied rhythms - and a similar emotional impact.

Chris had worked with Lauren Marshall, young composer at the NYO, to help her 'tune in' to garden structure. A trip to Hidcote with Chris gave her an overview of classical garden design and left her with the challenge of translating his garden into music form. The result is a new work, 'Suspended Between Earth and Air', that was premiered on Monday in the garden's central performance area.

Such a wonderful concept, and such artistry; but someone still has to do the work! I mentioned I'd been pleased to see one of his team using our mid-handled tools in the garden. In fact, I've seen the mid handled tools at work in several show gardens this year. The professionals told me they like the leverage these tools achieve, even when working kneeling down.

Chris volunteered that he loves our pruning knife. He still has the same Burgon & Ball knife, in fact, that he acquired as a horticultural student, and it's still his knife of choice for taking cuttings. "You know how sometimes you pick something up, and it just feels right in your hand?" he said. Yes... we do.

I spotted Meconopsis among the plants at the shady end of garden. I became obsessed with this blue beauty at Chelsea last year, but with a sandy and free-draining garden, I've resigned myself to failure, unable to provide the moisture and very nutrient-rich soil these Himalayan poppies need. However, Chris assured me that all is not lost; as a last resort, he suggests I try planting them on my compost heap! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures...

Chris' garden was awarded a Silver Gilt by the RHS judges. A slightly controversial decision, as it's a garden certainly been hugely well received by visitors to the show, and many felt was a sure-fire gold medal winner. A 'garden' in the truest sense of the word, in a show where there has perhaps been an increasing influence of 'landscape'.

Congratulations to Chris on on his silver-gilt winning garden; an extraordinary composition.

Date: 26.05.17

Welcome to Yorkshire: God’s own county

Postcards from Chelsea: part 2

We are lucky to have a trade stand at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, that wonderful feast of gardening inspiration in the heart of the capital. We’re even luckier to be located right on Main Avenue, the primary route through the site, in amongst the spectacular show gardens. Close to the action, we have a grandstand view of everything that’s going on; the media, the celebs as they come and go, and the garden designers and their teams at work.

This year we’ve been watching Tracy Foster and her team create the magical and evocative Welcome to Yorkshire garden, right opposite our stand. Taking inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire coast, it’s made us feel very at home! We’ve been based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, since 1730… and catching up with Tracy, I was delighted to discover that she’s a Sheffield lass herself. After her horticultural training, her first job in the city was with British Steel. Sheffield is an area that’s been recognised for its expertise in steel and knives since the 14th century, and we still work with steel there today.

Tracy, however, went into horticulture as soon as she found a suitable job and left the world of steel behind. Apart from her garden tools, that is – and I was pleased to learn that she uses our secateurs.

Her Yorkshire garden celebrates the county’s wild places, its shoreline, its agricultural landscape… all rolled into one. It was inspired, Tracy explained, by the coast around Flamborough Head, between Bridlington and Filey. It’s a spectacular area, well-known to birdwatchers, as seabirds nest there in their thousands. Personally I remember it in late spring, the white chalk and towering lighthouse dazzling in the sunshine, the yellow fields of oilseed rape brilliant against a bright blue sky… Yorkshire has a wonderful wild beauty and the Welcome to Yorkshire garden captures it perfectly.

Tracy explained that she’d had been on site since 2nd May, and certainly the garden was already looking perfect by the time I first saw it. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to create a slice of Yorkshire at Chelsea. There are over 50 species in the garden, and more than 3000 individual plants – not to mention the eight tonnes of sand from Scarborough beach, and two tonnes of pebbles borrowed from South Landing, Flamborough - which will be returned to their Yorkshire home at the end of the show.

I may have missed the garden’s build, but what I did see was the watering ritual, morning and evening, to maintain the beautiful lushness that so perfectly captures the Yorkshire cliffs. The sounds that accompany the garden are a delightful touch – the constant gentle lapping of waves and the shriek of gulls wheeling overhead create a sense of time and place which allows the garden to work its magic.

Congratulations to Tracy Foster on the silver medal awarded to this beautiful and very special Yorkshire garden.


Date: 23.05.17

Lights, camera... action!

Postcards from RHS Chelsea: part 1

After months of preparation, today’s the big day. It’s the day when the great and the good get the first glimpse of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, with the Queen’s visit traditionally taking place in the evening. Today every last petal, every leaf, every blade of grass is in place and looking immaculate.

It’s been a monumental journey to get to this point. I was there over the weekend, to see the gardens coming together. And as anyone who’s ever been involved with staging or participating in an event – large or small - will know, it’s all about those last moments, the final frenzy as the precious hours and even minutes trickle through your fingers.

Of course, it’s stressful. Some people I met had been on site for weeks already, sealed in the Chelsea bubble, away from friends and family. When I arrived on Saturday, some gardens were still under construction; a hive of hi-vis activity, with fork-lifts delivering a seemingly endless stream of materials and greenery.

But those final hours are also when miracles happen, with order emerging from chaos. Walking around the site on Sunday evening, the gardens were transformed. Whether shady woodland, arid desert, or informal wildlife garden, most were finished and looking picture-perfect. Most, but not all… and as darkness fell, it was obvious that for some at least, a late night was in store.

The final weekend of Chelsea build-up is also a great time to see the garden designers at work. Of course, they all have amazing people working with them, and each garden is the result of teamwork on a grand scale. Nevertheless, the designers have profound involvement themselves throughout the build and during the show itself, and there’s a real feeling of camaraderie as we all faced our own particular challenges.

All of the designers I met were knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated… but also down-to-earth and friendly, even after the emotional and physical demands of creating a garden. It’s a huge privilege to have the time and access to talk music and meconopsis with Chris Beardshaw, designer of the Morgan Stanley Garden; and to share memories of the Yorkshire coast with Tracy Foster, designer of the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden.

This week we’ll be bringing you some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017.

Date: 22.05.17

A Champagne occasion

Champagne Taittinger selects our Groundbreaker spades for historic planting

We were very pleased recently to help world-famous Champagne house Taittinger make history by providing the spades to break first ground at a new vineyard in Kent – the first planting in the UK by a Grande Marque Champagne house.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place in early May 2017, with a view to producing premium English sparkling wines from the Domaine Evremond site near Chilham in Kent. To ensure the planting went smoothly, we supplied spades, specially engraved to mark the occasion, and commemorative trowels were also engraved.

Champagne Taittinger originally approached us after a recommendation from the RHS. We helped select the aptly-named Groundbreaker spade for the ceremony; the high performance stainless steel design received the House Beautiful Best Garden Product award in 2016.

The historic first UK vines were planted by Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, president of Champagne Taittinger, accompanied by his wife and daughter, and representatives from Taittinger’s UK agency and partner Hatch Mansfield. In addition, over 200 guests planted their own vines with their individually numbered souvenir trowels. Both the spades and the trowels performed very well on this task, despite the inclement weather, which brought chilly and wet conditions.

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger says: “Our aim is to make something of real excellence in the UK, and not to compare it with Champagne or any other sparkling wine. We are very excited that this dream is now becoming a reality.”

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “It’s wonderful that Champagne Taittinger and its partners are embarking upon this project to create new premium English sparkling wines, with an outstanding French heritage. We are thrilled that our beautiful Groundbreaker spades have been able to play a small part in the day.”

The Groundbreaker spade has a sharp pointed head that easily slides past any roots, stones or other unseen obstacles in the ground, making digging easy, even in the most challenging soil. The polished stainless steel finish of the Groundbreaker’s head offers superb rust resistance, while the double riveted ‘Y’ handle and strapped socket give strength far in advance of the British standard.

The new Domaine Evremond site has a combination of chalk soils, climate and topography perfect for grape growing, and will be ideal for producing quality sparkling wine. The new vineyard will see a total of 40 hectares planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines over the next two to three years. The first English sparkling wine produced at the site should be released for drinking in 2023, after three years of ageing in the bottle. Read more about the new vineyard at www.domaineevremond.com.

[Image shows Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger (left) of Champagne Taittinger and Patrick McGrath MW of Hatch Mansfield breaking ground using Groundbreaker spades from Burgon & Ball at a new UK vineyard.]

Date: 08.05.17

Awards double for Burgon & Ball new products

FloraBrite and Hip-Trug named finalists in B&LLAs & Chelsea Product of the Year

We’ve had a double helping of good news today, as the innovative new ranges we’ve launched this year are proving popular with industry awards judges. Our gorgeously glowing FloraBrite range is a finalist in the Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards, and our handy Hip-Trug is shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Product of the Year.

The Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards (or ‘B&LLAs’) are an industry event which recognises excellence in product innovation and brand licensing management, as well as retail execution. It is open to companies working with established brands on licensed products which capture the personality and commitment to quality of the famous name.

We worked with our partners at the Royal Horticultural Society to develop the FloraBrite range after repeated requests from gardeners at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for ‘unlosable tools’ – and we think these bright beauties certainly fit the bill! We took great care to make the colours of the handles truly fluorescent, and added useful touches like reflective highlights to make sure the tools also glow under torchlight.

And, of course, the RHS Chelsea Product of the Year needs no introduction! Finalists are selected from a wide variety of categories of new products which will be available to buy at the world-famous flower show in May. Entries for the awards are judged on a number of criteria, including innovation, functionality, visual appeal, quality and value for money, and we’re delighted our problem-solving Hip-Trug has made the final cut.

This clever caddy was developed to solve a specific problem; that of overloaded hands when gardening. It clips easily on to belt, pocket or waistband, and really is like an extra pair of gardening hands. Whether you’re deadheading, harvesting, generally tidying up, or even need a carrier for clothes pegs, it comes in handy all around the garden. It’s just perfect to keep by the back door, ready for action.

We’re thrilled to have the innovation of our products recognised by these industry experts, and we’d like to thank the judges for their positive reviews. Fingers crossed for the forthcoming big awards days!

Date: 15.03.17

Top marks for our Digging Fork from 'Amateur Gardening' magazine

'Beautifully made, should last a lifetime.'

Popular gardening magazine Amateur Gardening has awarded our RHS endorsed Digging Fork ‘Best Buy’ in its latest issue.

The regular Tried & Tested feature in the magazine reviews a group of products of a specific type, and digs in – excuse the pun! – to their pros and cons, before picking an overall Best Buy.

Our RHS endorsed Digging Fork was declared a winner thanks to its sturdy construction, which includes a doubled-riveted strapped socket and FSC ash handle. In addition, there’s the extra security provided by the fork’s being tested to withstand over 100kg of load – that’s a massive 82% over and above the required British Standard – and the no-quibble lifetime guarantee. The tester also particularly liked the way the stainless steel tines glide in and out of the soil without clogging.

So if you’re out and about in the garden or allotment at the moment, and looking forward to the gardening or growing season ahead, but your old fork isn’t quite up to the job, why not take a look at our RHS endorsed Digging Fork? After all, as Amateur Gardening says, it tries before you buy, to take the guesswork out of your gardening.

[Press cutting reproduced above with kind permission of 'Amateur Gardening' magazine.]

Date: 27.02.17

FloraBrite range is a finalist in Gift of the Year awards

Down to the final few for the Giftware Association's top honour

Today we have heard the excellent news that our FloraBrite range of bright and beautiful RHS endorsed hand tools is a finalist in the ‘Garden and Outdoor Living’ category of the Gift of the Year awards 2017.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled! It means not only that our products are of the highest quality, but also that the idea behind them is hitting the mark in terms of creating really inspirational gifts.

The FloraBrite range has certainly gone down well with all kinds of gardeners, either as a gift or as a treat for yourself. You might be looking for tools that are that little bit different, or you love the current trend for all things neon. Maybe you’re absent-minded and constantly forgetting where you left that trowel, or maybe you’re a gardener with impaired vision. Whatever the reason you love these fantastic fluorescents, they’ll certainly leap out at you from any kind of foliage, and you’ll never lose them in the garden.

Did you know, we developed the FloraBrite range with the RHS after requests from customers over several years at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show? We kept hearing: ‘I really need some tools I can’t lose – I keep throwing mine in the compost bin and digging them out months later!’ So we thought we’d better do something to help. And you never know, if you visit us on our stand on RHS Chelsea’s Main Avenue, you may just plant the seed of an idea…

We’re delighted that the Giftware Association’s judges have chosen the range as a finalist in the Gift of the Year 2017. The winner will be announced at Spring Fair next month – keep your fingers crossed!

Date: 17.01.17

Creaturewares and FloraBrites shortlisted in Gift of the Year awards

New Creaturewares and FloraBrite ranges in the spotlight

A lovely Christmas present from the Giftware Association today, as we learn that not one but two of the great new ranges we launched in the autumn have been shortlisted in the Gift of the Year awards!

The first shortlisted range features the adorable animal characters of our Creaturewares range on a range of high quality fine china mugs, to add a dash of panache to any cuppa. The dogs, cat, chicken, and the rabbit and guinea pig duo bring their unique flair to these dishwasher-safe, microwaveable mugs, perfect for anyone who adores their dog, worships their cat, or cherishes their chickens. Who could resist?

The FloraBrite range has also struck a chord as a gardening gift. Lost garden tools are a thing of the past with this brilliant collection of RHS endorsed hand tools, which has been developed in response to customer requests for bright and ‘unlosable’ tools - and these beauties will certainly never be misplaced. Ideal as a thoughtful gift for the vision-impaired or simply for the absent-minded, as well as those embracing the current trend for all things neon, the FloraBrite range is sure to brighten the day of any gardener who has ever left a tool out in the rain – and that has to be most of us.

If you’re still looking for a gardening gift for Christmas, why not check out these beautiful gift ideas, available in garden centres & gift outlets nationwide.

The Gift of the Year finalists will be announced in January – and we’re keeping everything crossed!

Date: 21.12.16

Burgon & Ball honoured in new garden industry awards

Our marketing support is great news for retailers!

We're delighted to have been honoured in the first-ever Garden Trade News Greatest Marketing Team Awards, part of GTN's Greatest Awards 2016.

Presented at the HTA Marketing Forum, the new awards have been established to recognise excellence in garden industry marketing, and the winners have been voted for by garden centres, the ultimate judges in the sector.

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “The fact that this award is judged by our customers makes it extra special to us. We work very hard to give garden centres the support they need to generate sales with our products, and this award demonstrates that our efforts are hitting the mark.”

We've been honoured in the Greatest Supplier Marketing Team category, which recognises excellent marketing support from garden centre suppliers.

Heather Culpan continues: “We’re known in the industry for our substantial investment in new product development, and we strongly believe that innovation helps drive the market forward. But this award also looks at other aspects of our marketing support as well, and how we deal with our trade customers; customer service, delivery, POS, product range, packaging and pricing are all considered. It’s fantastic to know that these aspects of our business are hugely valued by our retail partners.

“We’d like to thank all at Garden Trade News for organising these tremendous new awards, and of course the many garden centres who voted for us. We are more determined than ever to give our retail partners the tools they need to deliver excellence to their gardening customers.”

[Image above shows winners including Heather Culpan, MD of Burgon & Ball, (second from right) with Carol Paris, HTA Chief Executive (far left), and Trevor Pfeiffer of Garden Trade News (far right).]

Date: 21.11.16

Make the most of autumn in the garden! Part 2

Some more autumn gardening ideas from 'Growing Family' blog

Following on from last week's blog, here's Catherine from the Growing Family blog (www.growingfamily.co.uk) again, with some more ideas for autumn gardening projects.


Save seeds

Autumn is harvest time - and this doesn’t just apply to edible crops. Many flowering plants will be setting seed at this time of year, and if you step in at the right time you can collect some of those seeds to grow into new, free plants. Collect seeds in dry weather, snipping off the seedheads and popping them into labelled paper bags (not plastic – you need to keep them dry). Store your seeds somewhere dry and cool until you’re ready to plant them.

Make leaf mould

Clearing up fallen leaves is a regular job in the garden at this time of year, but by turning them into leaf mould you can make yourself a natural mulch to improve the condition of your soil and suppress weeds. All you need to do is find a way to contain your leaves (so they don’t blow away), and give them access to moisture. A square-ish bay made from chicken wire with wooden posts at the corners is great, or on a smaller scale you can simply fill a black bin bag with leaves, add some water, punch a few holes in for drainage and tie off at the top. Let the weather do the rest, and next year you’ll have free mulch for the garden; it gives you somewhere to put all those slippery leaves too!

(By the way, here's a quick idea from Burgon & Ball - have you seen our new Mega Leaf & Dirt Collector? It makes short work of collecting up all those fallen leaves. From garden centres or www.burgonandball.com/shop/scripts/prodList.asp?idcategory=182.)

Force spring flowering bulbs

If you’re planting spring-flowering bulbs in the garden, it’s a great idea to save a few and ‘force’ them to flower early indoors, giving you a lovely display of blooms in the depths of winter. Plant your bulbs in a small pot of compost according to the packet instructions, water them, and place the pot in a cool, dark place; an unheated cellar, shed or garage are ideal. Make sure the top of the soil is not exposed to light, and check the pot every now and then, keeping the soil damp but not wet. When green tips emerge, move the pot to a warm room and you’ll be enjoying flowers within a few weeks.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to flex those green fingers and enjoy some autumn gardening!

Date: 27.10.16

Make the most of autumn in the garden!

Ideas for autumn gardening projects from our friends at the 'Growing Family' blog

We all love to get together and talk about our gardens. Some lucky gardeners also get to run gardening blogs, and here Catherine at Growing Family (www.growingfamily.co.uk) has provided some ideas and tips on what to do in the garden this autumn.


The arrival of autumn in the garden begins a winding-down process, as many plants slow or stop their growth for the colder months. For gardeners that means less day-to-day maintenance, but there’s still plenty to be getting on with! Autumn is the perfect time to tackle projects with next year’s garden in mind; here are some ideas for autumn gardening jobs that will make your garden even better next year.

Divide summer perennials

It’s a good idea to divide perennial plants every 2-3 years, to help them stay healthy and strong. It’s also a great way to make yourself lots of free plants! Autumn is ideal for dividing summer-flowering perennials, as they are not in active growth at this time of year. Lift the plant carefully out of the ground and shake off any loose soil. For plants with fibrous roots, use two forks placed back-to-back in the middle of plant to ease it apart. For plants with fleshy roots, use a spade or old saw to cut the plant in half. Replant each piece as soon as possible, watering in well and leaving plenty of room for them to thrive.

Make a bulb lasagne

This is nothing to do with cooking! A bulb lasagne is a clever way of layering spring-flowering bulbs in a container, which creates a long-lasting display of flowers. Choose a selection of bulbs that flower in different months, planting the latest flowering variety at the bottom of the container, followed by the bulbs that flower second-latest, and so on. The earliest flowering bulbs should be on the top layer. You can add some winter-flowering plants to the top of the container to create a nice display until the bulbs flower; cyclamen, pansies and primroses are perfect.

Lawn care

Lawns take a bit of a beating in the summer months, and it’s a good idea to give them some attention in autumn before the cold weather stops the grass growing. Give your lawn a good rake to remove dead grass, leaves and moss, and use a garden fork to make holes in areas that have been trodden down heavily. This will improve drainage and give new shoots more space to grow. Finally, give your lawn a feed with an autumn lawn fertiliser. This job is a bit of a workout, but it’s worth it as your lawn will be in a really good condition to start growing strongly next spring.


We'll have some more ideas for autumn gardening from Growing Family (www.growingfamily.co.uk) very soon.

Date: 21.10.16

New Products proved popular at Glee 2016!

NEC Birmingham UK, 12th-14th September 2016

A big thank you to everyone who visited us at GLEE. We look forward to the show every year – it’s always great to meet our customers and is the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the new, innovative products we have been working on.

This year we launched over 50 products at the show including:

• Hip-Trug – a wearable trug that easily clips onto your belt, pocket or waistband, leaving both hands free for deadheading and harvesting. Hip-Trug was exceptionally popular at the show and was selected as a finalist in the GLEE New Product Awards!
• FloraBrite™ – tools you’ll never lose! A range of fluorescent, RHS-endorsed tools and gloves. A product range we have been asked for time and time again at the Chelsea Flower Show. Perfect for the absent-minded and ideal for the partially sighted.
• Two additions to our RHS-endorsed cutting tools range - the small but mighty Micro Secateur and the wearable Ergo Deadheader.
• Mega Leaf and Dirt Collector – a super-sized dustpan and rake for rapid leaf clearing.
• Tweed Love the Glove – after the success of our men’s tweed gloves, we have now launched two women’s versions – pale grey tweed with a raspberry leather trim and red tweed with a mulberry leather trim.
• Additions to our award winning gift collections – a new design, Flora and Fauna, has been added to our RHS Gifts for Gardeners range, and mugs and egg cups to our Creaturewares range.

Date: 21.09.16

Burgon & Ball supports young garden talent at RHS Tatton Park

Helping young talent grow

We have been encouraging young garden design talent by supporting Lilly Gomm, a finalist in the RHS Young Designer competition at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

We supplied a range of tools and equipment for use during the construction of the garden, as well as props and accessories that were used to ‘dress’ the finished garden to create the perfect look.

The RHS Young Designer competition, now in its eighth year, was created to give young designers the opportunity to showcase their work at a high profile horticultural event and really kick-start their careers. Previous Tatton alumni have gone on to design gardens at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show, including Hugo Bugg (2010 winner) and Sam Ovens (2014 winner).

This year three finalists were selected to design a show garden based on the theme of Health, Happiness and Horticulture. The garden that Lilly created using Burgon & Ball tools was entitled ‘A Space to Ruminate’, an area designed to draw visitors into the garden through the use of a stepped wooden pergola and reclaimed scaffolding path.

The garden, though compact and typical of the space which many people have available, consisted of several distinct areas. The main garden led onto a kitchen garden containing seasonal produce, and a third area that trailed with hops, housing a day bed for relaxation and privacy.

Lilly says: “I’m so grateful for the support from Burgon & Ball: it felt like Christmas when the tools arrived! It made the build of my show garden a lot easier, as the team had exactly the right tools for the job at every stage. Trying to get established in a career in garden design is far from straightforward, and it’s great that a company like Burgon & Ball is helping young people like myself.”

Lilly’s garden was awarded a Silver Gilt medal, and the whole experience will doubtless prove a hugely valuable one, as she goes on to develop her career as a garden designer. Although the garden may have missed out on first place in the competition, gardening broadcaster and personality Monty Don declared on the BBC’s show coverage that it was his ‘favourite garden in the whole show’, which is certainly a major achievement for a first show garden.

To keep up to date with Lilly’s career, follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/LillyGomm.

Date: 09.08.16

RHS Greening Grey Britain - the pollination game

St Ermin’s ‘Bee & Bee’ hotel

My recent visit to the new rooftop garden at Westminster’s St Ermin’s hotel focused on the RHS ‘Greening Grey Britain’ campaign. The initiative aims to highlight the importance of green spaces in our lives, not just for our own benefit, but also to give nature a helping hand. If every home planted a window box, just think of the boost it would give to our insect pollinators!

It was a theme that was also highlighted in the explosion of colour which was the ‘RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden for Health, Happiness and Horticulture’ at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. The first-ever walk-through Chelsea exhibit, this garden was designed to show just how welcoming and uplifting a front garden can be. Bright borders, a bee-friendly wildflower meadow, edible plants in cheerful bright pots, and a wall of insect homes worked together to make this a welcoming space for people and wildlife alike – and I loved it.

Exploring the idea of the natural world living cheek-by-jowl with the city’s human population, during my afternoon at St Ermin’s I met beekeeper Camilla Goddard of Capital Bee (www.capitalbee.co.uk). Camilla is the urban beekeeper who cares for the 350,000 Buckfast honey bees who call St Ermin’s hotel ‘home’, in addition to maintaining many other hives all over central and south London. The seven hives at St Ermin’s produce up to 20 litres (30lb) per year each, giving the hotel a rich source of honey to supply its restaurant, cocktail bar and afternoon teas.

I was interested to learn from Camilla that the honey has been analysed to find out where the source pollen is collected from, which showed some surprising results. Traces of pollen from waterlilies and palm trees suggest that the bees are probably dropping by either nearby St James’ Park or Buckingham Palace to collect their protein-rich cargo, while the pollen from buddleia and wildflowers shows that the bees, like the rest of us, go about their daily business along London’s railway tracks and overground tube lines.

We can all do our bit to give nature a helping hand, even in the most urban environment, and gardening – whether it’s a rooftop kitchen garden, flowers in a front garden, or even a planted container – is a great way to make a difference to our environment, and to reap the benefits ourselves.

Visit the ‘Greening Grey Britain’ website to find out more and to get involved (www.rhs.org.uk/science/gardening-in-a-changing-world/greening-grey-britain).

Date: 03.08.16

Behind the scenes at Jekka’s Herb Farm

A guided tour with Jekka McVicar

I’d never really considered herbs too closely. As a pasta addict, I usually have a pot of basil on the kitchen windowsill, and there’s some Moroccan mint in the garden as a reminder of happy travels in Marrakech. But I’d never really thought about herbs too much. Where herbs sit in the gardening pantheon, if you like.

Well, that was about to change! An inspiring visit to Jekka’s Herb Farm in south Gloucestershire, with a guided tour of the Herbetum from award-winning herb grower Jekka McVicar herself, brought the culinary, medicinal and horticultural together with a bang. Jekka works with GPs, chefs, supermarkets, aromatherapists, gardeners, hospices… it strikes me that herbs seem to occupy the horticultural space where several worlds overlap. They look good, smell good, taste good and do you good – I think I’ve found a new passion.

The Herbetum specialises in the Lamiacae family, which includes mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, lavender and many more. With an incredible 300 varieties grown at the site including 60 thymes and 30 rosemaries, the sheer number of varieties on show is mind-boggling.

The importance of sharp secateurs

A key tip for the Laminaceae family is that they need cutting back after flowering. I was especially delighted to hear Jekka’s thoughts on proper pruning, and the right tools for that job. Knowing how and when to prune is crucial for plant health, and it is an essential skill that she teaches.

It was brought home to us when Jekka asked how many of the group had sharpened their secateurs this week. We looked at each other sheepishly. And yet, when she asked the keen chefs present when they’d last sharpened their knives, the response was a good deal more positive. So we like to have sharp knives to cut dead meat, but to cut living, growing, healthy plant stems, we’re happy to use blunt blades?

Looked at like that, it’s crazy. Stems can easily be crushed and bruised by blunt blades, laying the plant open to infections and opening hairline cracks where rain can penetrate and start to rot the living plant. So the moral of the story is definitely to sharpen those secateurs! Lesson learned.

An encyclopaedic knowledge

Jekka’s knowledge of the world of herbs is breathtaking, and the morning was a marvellous whistle-stop tour of the medicinal, the culinary, the cultural, and the historical. Fast facts and top tips flew at us thick and fast, including snippets such as:

Use savory to combat flatulence, fennel against water retention, lemon balm to reduce stress, and rosemary to give memory a boost.

Sweet marjoram was introduced to this country as a snuff, lovage was used by the Romans as a deodorant, and alecost was used to flavour ale – it’s also called Bible leaf, as its refreshing scent was used to revive worshippers during long sermons!

Water basil in the morning (treat it like a loved relative, don’t send it to bed wet!), cut lavenders back by one-eighth in the eighth month, and use pots to plant different mints together, since if the roots touch they’ll all end up tasting the same.

There was too much insight to absorb, record and recount here; to learn more I would highly recommend ‘Jekka’s Complete Herb Book’, a wonderful resource on all things herbal. Suffice it to say that I came away convinced that all the world needs is a better understanding and use of herbs, and we’ll all live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

A looming skills gap

A recurring topic of conversation during the visit was the looming skills gap in horticulture, with an ageing demographic among nurserymen, and a shortage of school-leavers coming into the industry. The problem is exacerbated by many very capable trainees moving on to either larger employers or setting up on their own once they have learned the necessary skills. It’s a passion that has to be nurtured to ensure sufficient young people enter the industry – and it’s down to us to inspire the next generation of horticulturalists.

Many thanks to Jekka and her team (including her husband Mac) for their time and hospitality, and to the Garden Media Guild for organising a hugely enjoyable and educational tour.

Date: 20.07.16

GIMA award win for Burgon & Ball's Creaturewares

Animal giftware takes top industry honours

We are delighted that we've won top honours at the GIMA Awards 2016 with Creaturewares, our popular animal-themed giftware range.

In a year of record numbers of entries for the awards, Creaturewares took joint first place in the ‘Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care’ category. Since its launch in autumn 2015, the range has proved very popular with consumers and retailers alike, as the adorable animal characters make an eye-catching display in store, and offer a charming, colourful and high quality option for pet food storage.

Of the Creaturewares range, the GIMA judges commented: “Carrying a riveted metal Burgon & Ball badge, Creaturewares tins for the first time use the element of brand to increase the perceived value of the product. The combination of high quality construction and attractive, humorous design brings real innovation to pet food storage.”

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “We have been delighted with how the Creaturewares range has been received, and this GIMA award is the icing on the cake. Since the range’s launch less than a year ago, we have seen sales grow extremely strongly. After all, everybody loves their furry, finned, and feathered friends! These storage tins with their cheeky animal characters combine bright and cheerful design with the high quality manufacture for which Burgon & Ball is known.”

She continues: “In fact, the range has been so popular that this autumn sees the launch of new additions to the Creaturewares family. We’ll be introducing new Creatures, and old friends will be popping up in all sorts of new places, too. There’ll be something for everyone in this Creature takeover!”

The new Creaturewares products will be launched at the Burgon & Ball stand (19C26-E27) at GLEE in September, or for more information on the current Creaturewares range, please email sales@burgonandball.com.

Date: 19.07.16

RHS Greening Grey Britain

A room with a view at London’s highest greenhouse

Last week saw me going up in the world. About seven storeys up, in fact, to the new rooftop garden at the very smart St Ermin’s Hotel in London’s Westminster.

The hotel is approached through a beautifully-planted courtyard garden, which I learned was installed around five years ago, replacing a car park. It’s not often you hear about anyone replacing a car park with a garden: unfortunately it’s usually the other way round. However, the garden at St Ermin’s provides a cool and restful contrast to the London traffic, damping down the noise of the city and giving a real feel of walking into a different world, one of tranquil elegance. Once inside, an imposing double staircase led me to my destination: a special Royal Horticultural Society Licensing press event in the hotel’s newly-created rooftop garden.

I was at the event because Burgon & Ball is an RHS licensee, working very closely with the UK’s leading gardening charity. We are the only manufacturer of garden tools endorsed by the organisation, perhaps the ultimate recognition in the gardening world. In addition, we feel proud to be able to access the RHS Lindley Library for design inspiration. It’s a wonderful archive of historic botanical art, and some of these delightful illustrations feature in our RHS Gifts for Gardeners ranges.

The working kitchen garden at St Ermin’s isn’t open to the public, so I was very lucky to have a guided tour of the plot. The garden is cleverly slotted in amongst the air conditioning ducting and building services on the roof of this elegant Victorian hotel.

The area includes a full-size greenhouse from Gabriel Ash in which the tomatoes, only planted a very few weeks previously, were already nearly brushing the ceiling. The plants obviously like their room with a view! Squash, pumpkin, spring onions, French beans, potatoes, olives, clementines, apples, plums, raspberries and blackberries as well as a lush-looking herb garden were also installed in the rooftop oasis, to give a rich and varied crop for the hotel.

The aerial kitchen garden provides a useful resource for the hotel, but just as importantly offers a foothold for nature in this most urban of environments. It was the ideal setting for RHS director general Sue Biggs to speak about the RHS ‘Greening Grey Britain’ campaign.

The initiative underlines the important role played by gardens in urban and suburban areas. It’s not just about adding colour, but the whole host of other benefits that greenery brings: improving air cooling and air quality, mitigating storm water flooding, insulating buildings, providing wildlife habitats, and improving the health & wellbeing of the people who use the space. The RHS is hoping to get 6,000 people to make ‘a promise to plant’, aiming to transform 6,000 grey areas into living planted places by the end of 2017.

Visit the ‘Greening Grey Britain’ website (www.rhs.org.uk/science/gardening-in-a-changing-world/greening-grey-britain) to find out more and to get involved.

Next time: more from St Ermin’s ‘Bee & Bee’ hotel…

Date: 08.07.16

Burgon & Ball tools feature on ITV's 'Love Your Garden'

We're delighted to once again provide lots of tools and garden accessories for the team

We've been helping Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden team give gardens all over the country a new lease of life, with a range of tools and accessories for the new series.

In the sixth year of the popular ITV show, our tools are again helping the team to tackle all sorts of gardening tasks. To meet the demands of a hectic filming schedule at locations all over the country, we've despatched a range of tools including digging forks and spades, Groundbreaker spades, hand tools, pruning knives, Ground Master multi tools, Kneelo kneelers and rakes.

This year the team even get their own personal trowels. After learning that the presenters face the perennial problem of hand tools ‘going walkabout’, we suggested that Alan, David, Katie and Frances each have their own trowel, with their name engraved – to avoid any confusion!

The presenters certainly love the new tools. After a previous series, the team wrote on the Love Your Garden blog: “Burgon & Ball has supplied every show of the series with some of the finest wooden-handled spades, forks and hand tools known to man. We certainly put them through their paces during the build and they didn’t let us down.”

This year the show has kicked off in Hull, where a 90 year old great-grandmother, no longer able to tend her once-beautiful front and back gardens, sees her outdoor space transformed. By the end of the show, the former Land Girl and ballroom dancing devotee is the proud owner of a beautiful plot where she can garden safely once again – and she even enjoys a waltz with Alan!

The Hull show uses Burgon & Ball’s range of enamelware to great effect, creating two colourful and thoughtful havens, full of nostalgia for the homeowner. The twine in a tin, greenhouse caddy, herb pots and compost bin create just the right look to evoke memories of times past, but with a stylish designer feel.

Love Your Garden airs on ITV from Tuesday 28 June and will be available on ITV Player.

Date: 29.06.16

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016: falling under the spell

Posted by Alison, the newest member of the Burgon & Ball team

For me as a Chelsea first-timer, the best – and most unexpected – thing about the show was the sheer friendliness of the people around the show.

Even during the Sunday afternoon of the build-up, when the pressure was on to get every last petal in place and looking perfect for the press and VIP day on Monday, everybody I spoke to seemed more than happy to have a chat, even as they worked, and to share their knowledge and delight in what they were doing.

One such conversation I enjoyed was at the Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden. This brilliant garden stopped me in my tracks, initially because of the striking sculptural copper band weaving through the garden – I’ve always loved the warmth of the metal, the gold, pinks and oranges it reflects. The sinuous copper emerged from the arid habitat at the front of the garden, grew to a handrail, climbed to become a bench in the sun, and then soared as a staircase to become a magnificent double-height structure at the far end of this rich and varied garden.

But it was the extraordinary variety of planting and the infinite attention to detail which drew me deeper into the garden. From desert plants at the front of the space, through a grassy central meadow area, to the luxuriant planting at the rear of the garden, every last plant was at its peak, and an absolute joy – even in the arid zone there were little starbursts of beauty. All plants were carefully selected to show the geometric precision of nature in its many and varied forms, the mathematics of the natural world conveyed by the equations governing growth which adorned the copper band. A clever, thoughtful and above all, beautiful garden.

Gardening in socks

Throughout the garden, people tweaked, watered, adjusted and dusted the endless array of plants. I couldn’t help but notice a woman carefully watering a stunning selection of succulents among the gravel in the arid front part of the garden – in her socks. Like many of her colleagues, she’d removed her shoes to minimise disturbance to the carefully-raked substrate. Now, if gardening shoeless on gravel isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is. It was when she crouched to carefully brush away tiny specks of dust from a dinner plate aeonium with a paintbrush, that I realised the levels of perfectionism I was looking at.

Mary Ellen Taylor is a botanic artist based in large part at London’s Chelsea Physic Garden. She told me about some of the incredible work that had gone on to ensure the garden was at its peak; one example of this was the two specialists who spent two and a half days trimming to perfection the numerous magnificent yuccas, sharply delineating the geometric patterns on the trunks.

She went on to explain how the spectacular copper water feature at the front of the garden had been a collaboration involving Nick Bailey, the designer behind the garden, and sculptor Giles Rayner, who specialises in dramatic water sculpture. The piece represents the perfect Fibonacci sequence that is so often seen in nature; in a pine cone, the curl of a snail shell, the seeds in a sunflower head. I was quite mesmerised by the water glinting in the sunlight; it swirled endlessly in a vortex, reminding me of the dancing centre of a tornado - another example of the power of natural mathematics. In the story of the garden, Mary Ellen explained, this represented the seed from which the seedling emerges, ready to enter its growth phase in the meadow of the central area, to reach the maturity represented by the rich planting at the rear of the space.

A team effort

The garden was worth every minute of the blood, sweat and tears of the team effort of preparation. Mary Ellen and her colleagues had been on site for over a week already, working long days with the extraordinary, professional and creative designer Nick Bailey. Tireless in his vision over many months, he’d conveyed his passion fully to the whole team working on the garden, inspiring them as they worked together to make this extraordinary, complex, diverse garden a reality.

The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden won a silver gilt medal. I found out later it was just one point away from gold. Desperately disappointing, I’m sure, but ‘rules is rules’, as they say. I’m sure it will inspire the team behind the garden to even greater work in the future, although for me, it’s difficult to see how; as far as I’m concerned this was a perfect garden, and certainly one which struck a deep chord with me.

Date: 06.06.16

Burgon & Ball wins 5 stars at Chelsea

We were very pleased to win five stars from the Royal Horticultural Society for our stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

In our twentieth year at the show, we were again recognised for going above and beyond in our presentation, creating an area which is not simply about product but which instead offers an attraction in its own right, to enhance the Chelsea visitor experience.

Taking centre stage were two pairs of giant topiary shears, created in topiary – obviously! The shears were designed in ligustrum nearly a year ago and have been grown slowly in Hampshire to produce a hardy pair of living plants. The shape is that of the classic Burgon & Ball shears, a design largely unchanged since we started making them in 1730.

The finishing touches to the Chelsea topiary were made once the plants were on site, with small succulents, air plants and several varieties of moss added to create a delicate and beautiful exhibit. The display was certainly well-received, by RHS judges and public alike; the topiary attracted a lot of comment and was much photographed during the show.

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “We are delighted to receive the five-star accolade from the Chelsea judges. We’re very conscious that we occupy a premium position on Main Avenue, right next to the silver gilt-winning ‘Support, the Husqvarna Garden’, and we need to give good account of ourselves! We feel that we have done that with our stand this year, and it’s wonderful that the RHS panel also feels we are adding to the Chelsea experience.

She continues: “Exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show is perhaps the ultimate opportunity to meet the people who use and love our products, and to hear what they think. We’re thrilled that they, like this year’s RHS panel, feel that we offer unrivalled quality, expertise and innovation.”

Date: 26.05.16

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016: some impressions from a first-timer

Posted by Alison, the newest member of the Burgon & Ball team

My first Chelsea Flower Show. Sunday: my first day on site. Arriving at the showground’s iconic Bull Ring entrance on the Embankment, I stopped for a moment at a bench facing the river. I needed to dig out my wristband for entry, and put on my steel toe cap boots and high vis vest; with so much going on during the last day of the show’s build-up, health and safety has to take priority over glamour.

A woman asked me if she could sit next to me for a moment. Her body language told me she was exhausted, but she had a radiant smile on her face. We got chatting, and I learned that Michelle was a student in her fifties, starting out in horticulture as a second career.

She was one of the team which had worked late into the night on Saturday night to finish the magnificent arch and crown which greets show visitors at the Bull Ring entrance to the show. She showed me some snaps on her phone of people working in pitch blackness on the high structures erected next to the archway – and proudly, a shot of her with Shane Connolly, the designer behind the floral archway.

Michelle was on a high; she said she'd had less than 10 hours' sleep since she arrived on site on Thursday. Her hard work and that of her fellow students was certainly worthwhile; the archway looked stunning. Truly it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in constructing something like this spectacular floral tribute to Her Majesty on her 90th birthday.

With the zeal of many mature students who seize with both hands a late opportunity to change the course of their lives, Michelle had worked hard on her course and had helped out her fellow students, and in recognition her college had given her a small monetary award. Passionate about seeing Chelsea at its polished best, she had put the money towards buying a ticket for the show at end of the week. But she was now thinking of giving the ticket to her disabled mum, so that she could too get into the show to enjoy the beauty of the floral exhibits.

We parted ways; I went in to the showground, to a day of watching the final day’s work on constructing these amazing gardens. Michelle left to make her way home to her flat in east London, to a hot bath and some much-needed sleep in her own bed.

I don’t know what I was expecting from Chelsea. I suppose I was anticipating the media frenzy, the sparkle, the Pimm’s and celebrities. I’d forgotten about the passion which underlies every moment at the show, about the thousands of people toiling away behind the scenes to present the very best in horticulture, at the absolute peak of perfection.

I hope Michelle’s mum gets to the show. I hope she gets to see her daughter’s amazing work; she'll be incredibly proud. And I hope she gets to experience the buzz of the show and feel the love for gardening which is Chelsea’s lifeblood; a deep love for working with nature to create something of heart-stopping beauty, a passion which unites every person at the show this week.

Next time: a look at one of the gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show…

Date: 24.05.16

Burgon & Ball supports new cancer care centre

We're supplying tools for a spectacular new glasshouse

We're delighted to be supporting a new cancer care centre in Manchester with garden tools for its spectacular glasshouse, a collaboration between architects Foster and Partners, and garden designers Dan Pearson and Lisa Rawley.

Maggie’s Manchester, located in the grounds of the Christie Hospital, will provide emotional, practical and social support to people with cancer and their families in a warm, uplifting setting. Once fully established, Maggie’s Manchester expects to receive over 60,000 visits a year. The glasshouse is a key area of the centre, a place where people living with cancer will be able to enjoy participating in gardening – and our tools will help keep the surroundings in tip-top condition.

Renowned architect Lord Norman Foster considers the integrated glasshouse to be most important space in the facility. It extends from the south of the building, providing a space where visitors can gather and enjoy the therapeutic qualities of nature and the outdoors.

The surrounding gardens have been created by landscape designer Dan Pearson, combining a rich mix of spaces, and Lisa Rawley has provided support with the specialist glasshouse planting. Maggie’s has appointed a specialist gardener to maintain and develop the glasshouse and gardens, with ongoing support from Dan and Lisa.

Jemma Halman, centre fundraising manager for Maggie’s Manchester, says: “Gardens are very important to our centres and each one is carefully created to be a welcoming extension of the inside space. The glasshouse is looking wonderful – it will be much loved by our visitors. Having quality equipment to care for it will help us ensure we can continue this benefit in the future for the thousands of visits we expect each year.”

Heather Culpan, our managing director, says: “We are delighted to be able to support Maggie’s with an assortment of our garden tools. Gardens can be so important as places of peace and relaxation, but also the interest and optimism they bring as plants grow and bloom can bring welcome respite at an incredibly stressful time for families.”

Maggie’s Manchester was officially opened by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, President of the charity.

For more information about Maggie’s Manchester, visit www.maggiescentres.org/our-centres/maggies-manchester/

Date: 18.05.16

Poc-kit reaches finals, Chelsea Product of the Year 2016

Awards honour for Burgon & Ball

The Poc-kit gardener's utility belt has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award.

Entries are judged on a number of criteria, including innovation, functionality, visual appeal, quality, value for money and environmental sustainability - and we're delighted that the judges feel our Poc-kit ticks all the boxes.

It's ideal for any gardening multi-tasker, forever losing or misplacing those essential gardening bits and bobs. Manufactured in flexible and lightweight neoprene, the poc-kit sits comfortably around the wearer’s waist to provide multiple storage places. Keys, glasses and mobile phone are safely stowed away yet easily accessible, plus there’s space for secateurs, pens, pruning knife, labels, and even a twine dispensing eyelet. It’s great for working at height or at a distance from the garden shed.

Poc-kit is very comfortable to wear, even when kneeling, and has a generous tough webbing belt that extends to 50” (1.27m). Waterproof and durable, it's machine washable, and is available in six vibrant colours.

It's not the first awards honour for Poc-kit this year; it was also Highly Commended in the ‘Garden and Outdoor Living’ category of GIMA’s Gift of the Year awards 2016.

Date: 26.04.16

Burgon & Ball shortlisted in Gift of the Year 2016

Poc-kit, Dig the Glove and Sophie Conran Seed Collections

We are pleased to announce that three of our new product ranges have been shortlisted in the Gift of the Year competition! The next round of judging will take place on 14th January with the Finalists announced on 15th January.

Poc-kit (shortlisted in the Fashion Accessories and Garden & Outdoor Living categories) is the stylish and innovative solution to uncomfortable overloading of trouser and jacket pockets in the garden! Keep all your valuables and essentials to hand and safe, while you garden in comfort. Features include reinforced secateur pocket, pen/pencil slot, mobile phone pocket, spring clip key holder, secure zipped pocket (ideal for valuables), twine eyelet and adjustable webbing strap (extends up to 50 inches). Made out of neoprene, poc-kit is stretchy and comfortable to wear - every gardener needs on. Poc-kit is presented in eye-catching, stylish and contemporary gift packaging.

Dig the Glove (shortlisted in the Garden & Outdoor Living category) are men’s gardening gloves with a difference! Technically advanced gloves made with on-trend materials, colours and patterns - with genuine leather trim. All of the gloves in the range have ergonomically designed padded palms, breathable mesh fourcettes and adjustable wrist straps. Each design is available in 2 sizes – M/L and L/LXL. Machine washable. A winning gift idea for the stylish man about the garden.

Sophie Conran Seed Collections (shortlisted in the Garden & Outdoor Living category) are three Seed Collections handpicked by Sophie Conran exclusively for Burgon & Ball; Sophie’s Wildflower Garden, Sophie’s Edible Flower Garden and Sophie’s Herb Garden. Each collection contains four packets of seeds, full growing instructions plus tips and recipe ideas from Sophie. Attractively packaged in high quality, beautifully illustrated, keepsake gift boxes. The perfect gift for any gardener.

Date: 07.01.16

Burgon & Ball 'Weed Slice' awarded GIMA 'Sword of Excellence'

We are delighted to announce that the Burgon & Ball 'Weed Slice' has been awarded 'Best Garden Tool' and the 'Sword of Excellence' at the 2015 GIMA Awards!

It is the second year we have won the Sword of Excellence - winning last year with our ever-popular RHS Gifts for Gardener's range.

The Burgon & Ball Weed-Slice is an amazing 'Sheffield made' wonder weeder - set to revolutionise weeding in borders, vegetable gardens, gravel drivewaysways and paths. The key to Weed Slice's performance lies in its uniquely designed head. The sharpened front edge and point allows it to skim just under the surface of the soil, slicing through weeds. The two points on the back of the head cut through soil as you pull the tool back towards you, meaning that you can use it in both directions, cutting your weeding time in half! Made out out of hardened and tempered high carbon steel with stainless steel tang and polished FSC Ash handle.

Date: 24.07.15

Burgon & Ball 'Love the Glove' win 2 GIMA Awards

We are delighted to announce that Burgon & Ball 'Love the Glove' have won two 2015 GIMA Awards - for Best Garden Clothing & Gifts and for Best Point of Sale Material.

Launched in February this year 'Love the Glove' has been a huge success from the outset, winning a Gift of the Year award and being voted a finalist in the Chelsea Flower Show Product of the Year competition.

'Love The Glove' are gardening gloves with a difference! Technically advanced gloves printed with on-trend patterns, bright colours, metallics and decorative leather trim. All of the gloves in the range have ergonomically designed padded palms, breathable mesh fourcettes and adjustable wrist straps. Each design is available in 2 sizes – S/M and M/L. Machine washable.

Date: 24.07.15

Burgon & Ball 'Essential Tools' win a GIMA Award

We are pleased to announce that Burgon & Ball 'Essential Tools' have won a 2015 GIMA Award for Best Consumer Packaging.

Presented to appeal to not only the gardener but also to those looking for a gardening gift. The colours and bold retro aesthetic are eye-catching, modern and are designed to appeal to both the male and female market. Cleverly designed to be able to hang or stand independently on a table top, these products can easily be merchandised on our specially designed stand, on clip strips or on tables as part of a collaborative display of associated products.

Date: 24.07.15

Burgon & Ball Weeding Finger voted Best Buy

in "Amateur Gardening" magazine

Date: 06/07/15

Burgon & Ball finalists in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show - Product of the Year competition

We are pleased to announce that our new 'Love the Glove' range of gardening gloves has been selected as a finalist in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show New Product of the Year competition! The final judging will take place at Chelsea with the winner announced on Sunday 17th May.

Love The Glove are gardening gloves with a difference! Technically advanced gloves printed with on-trend patterns, bright colours, metallics and decorative leather trim. All of the gloves in the range have ergonomically designed padded palms, breathable mesh fourcettes and adjustable wrist straps. Each design is available in 2 sizes – S/M and M/L. Machine washable.

Date: 05.03.15

Burgon & Ball wins Gift of the Year 2015

We are delighted to announce that our brand new 'Love the Glove' range has won Gift of the Year 2015 in the fashion accessories category.

Love The Glove are gardening gloves with a difference! Technically advanced gloves printed with on-trend patterns, bright colours, metallics and decorative leather trim. All of the gloves in the range have ergonomically designed padded palms, breathable mesh fourcettes and adjustable wrist straps. Each design is available in 2 sizes – S/M and M/L. Machine washable.

Available March 2015. Order now to ensure stock availability!

Date: 03.02.15

Burgon & Ball at Spring Fair 2015

NEC Birmingham, 1st- 5th February 2015

We will be exhibiting at Spring Fair again this year - if you are visiting the show don’t forget to visit us! Our stand is in the same location as last year - Hall 6 Stand G20.

We are very excited to be exhibiting this year as we will have over 40 new products on show including a brand new range of gardening gloves called ‘Love the Glove’, additions to the Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball range and a range of gifts called ‘Essential Tools’. All 3 of these ranges are finalists in the Gift of the Year Award - see the news story below!

We look forward to seeing you there…

Date: 29.01.15

Burgon & Ball finalists in Gift of the Year 2015

Love The Glove, Essential Tools and the Sophie Conran Raspberry Collection

We are pleased to announce that three of our new product ranges are finalists in the Gift of the Year competition! The final judging will take place at Spring Fair with the winners announced on Sunday 1st February.

Love The Glove (finalist in the Fashion Accessories category) are gardening gloves with a difference! Technically advanced gloves printed with on-trend patterns, bright colours, metallics and decorative leather trim. All of the gloves in the range have ergonomically designed padded palms, breathable mesh fourcettes and adjustable wrist straps. Each design is available in 2 sizes – S/M and M/L. Machine washable.

Essential Tools (finalist in the Under £10 category) is a range of thirteen eye-catchingly packaging essential tools that no gardener can do without! Innovatively designed, each tool addresses an everyday problem that gardeners face. For example the set of mini trowels has been designed to be just the right size for filling cell trays and the planting ruler has seed sowing holes plus a printed guide to ensure your vegetable plants are perfectly spaced. Appealingly presented and keenly priced, the products make excellent gifts.

The Sophie Conran Raspberry Collection (finalist in the Garden and Outdoor Living category) is a stunning range of high quality, outdoor living gifts designed by Sophie Conran and manufactured by Burgon & Ball. The range comprises gardener’s gubbins pots, with nine individually labelled pots for storing your garden bits and bobs, a clever indoor watering can for precise pouring, two pairs of gorgeous gardening gloves, herb pots, drinks trays and tea light holders. The bright raspberry colour not only makes the product eye-catching in store but adds a splash of colour to any potting shed or window sill. The perfect gift for stylish gardeners – an extremely large but under-catered for market!

Date: 19.01.15

Burgon & Ball at Top Drawer 2015

Olympia London, 11th-13th January 2015

We will be exhibiting at Top Drawer again this year in its new venue - Olympia. If you are visiting the show don’t forget to visit us on Stand H49.

We are very excited to be exhibiting this year as we will have over 40 new products on show including a brand new range of gardening gloves called ‘Love the Glove’, additions to the Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball range and a range of gifts called ‘Essential Tools’.

It will also be your opportunity to pick up our brand new 2015 Catalogue, hot off the press!

We look forward to seeing you there…

Date: 06.01.15

Watch how Burgon & Ball shears are made in our Sheffield factory

Earlier in the year the 'Discovery Science' film crew spent a day in our factory filming for the television programme 'How Do They Do it?'.

The episode shows our shears being manufactured, by hand, in our Sheffield factory, using tools and techniques that date back hundreds of years.

While the programme focuses on sheep shears, exactly the same manufacturing technique is used to make our topiary trimming and grass shears. Watch the episode here.

Date: 10.11.14

Burgon & Ball RHS Endorsed Cutting Tools win a 2014 GLEE Award!

in the 'Machinery and Tools' category

We are pleased to announce that our brand new range of RHS endorsed Cutting Tools has won a 2014 Glee Award in the 'Machinery and Tools' category.

The technically advanced range features ultra-lightweight aluminium shafts, compound levers to substantially increase cutting power and quick-twist telescopic handles, the range will revolutionise the arduous jobs of cutting back, pruning and lopping.

Having undergone 12 months of extensive laboratory and field testing, each product in the range has been repeatedly prototyped and refined to create a tool that delivers a vastly improved user experience.

A specialist packaging graphic design brief has ensured the customer is guided through the range - identifying the right tool for the right job and building confidence in the purchase.

Despite the outstanding performance the tools are not priced beyond the reach of everyday gardeners - with Judge Sharon McNair of Armitage's Garden Centres commenting on the good price points of the range.

Date: 18.09.14

Burgon & Ball Highly Commended in the GLEE Awards 2014

Sophie Conran Raspberry Collection & Weed Slice

We are delighted to announce that our new range of Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball products 'The Raspberry Collection' has been highly commended in the Glee Awards 2014, in the ‘Home, Gift & Clothing’ category.

The range includes an indoor watering can, two pairs of gardening gloves, herb pots and a set of gardeners gubbins tins to help keep greenhouses and potting sheds neat and tidy.

Our brand new tool 'Weed Slice' has also been highly commended, in the "Machinery and Tools" category. Weed Slice skims under the surface of the soil, slicing through weeds, killing them. It is much easier to use than a regular hoe and gets the weeding done in half the time.

They were selected from more than 270 entries, before Glee opened on Sunday morning, by an expert panel of judges representing independent and multiple retailers, the media, trade associations and international suppliers.

Date: 18.09.14

Burgon & Ball at GLEE 2014

NEC Birmingham UK, 14th-16th September 2014

We are at GLEE once again this year - Hall 19, Stand C20-E21. If you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us!

We have over 40 new products on show including a brand new range of RHS endorsed high performance cutting tools, new Essential Tools - a range of sundries no gardener can do without, new colours added to the top selling Kneelo® ranges, exciting additions to the Sophie Conran collection and much more.

Date: 11.09.14

Spoga Gafa 2014 - Cologne

31st August - 2nd September

We are exhibiting at Gafa this year! If you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us. We will be in Hall 9.1, Stand E31.

There will be lots of new products for you to see - be the first to see next year's bestsellers!

We look forward to seeing you there...

Date: 18.08.14

Burgon & Ball awarded GIMA 'Sword of Excellence'!

for RHS Gifts for Gardeners

We are delighted to announce that the Burgon & Ball 'RHS Gifts for Gardeners' range has been awarded "Best Garden Retail Product' and the 'Sword of Excellence' at the 2014 GIMA Awards!

A firm favourite among the judges, the RHS Gardeners Gift Collection was awarded the GIMA 'Sword of Excellence' because it effortlessly combines functionality with stunning design. A superb product range that the judges felt offered retailers an on-going bestseller, thanks to its gift purchase potential.

Date: 25.07.14

Burgon & Ball's Razor Hoe wins a GIMA award!

We are pleased to announce that Burgon & Ball's Razor Hoe has won 'Best Garden Tool' at the GIMA Awards 2014.

This sharp, angled hoe is drawn through the soil towards the gardener – effectively cultivating the soil and chopping / removing all weeds in its path.

Alys Fowler, gardening columnist for the Guardian, recently said about the Razor Hoe: "It's so strong you can use it to do things it was never invented for. I am deeply in love with this tool." Her sentiments were echoed by the judges who were equally impressed by its ease of use and quality of build.

The Razor Hoe is available as a right handed tool, left handed tool and also in a long handled version.

Date: 25.07.14

Home & Gift Harrogate 2014

13th-16th July

We are exhibiting at Home & Gift Harrogate this year (for the first time since 2005!) so if you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us - Stand DP2-A1.

We will be launching our brand new Burgon & Ball for Sophie Conran Raspberry Collection along with our best-selling gift ranges; RHS Gifts for Gardeners, our ever-popular enamels range and Verti-plant.

We look forward to seeing you there...

Date: 08.07.14

Gifts for Father's Day

Here at Burgon & Ball we have lots of great gift ideas for Father's Day. Our RHS Ground Works Collection is a range of appealing yet practical gifts for hard to buy for gardener's. Featuring artwork from the RHS Lindley library and the Burgon & Ball archive.

Or how about a Shed Tidy, Tool Rack or our Tackle & Tuck Tin (perfect if your dad loves fishing).

All of these gifts come in at under £20. Check them all out in the Shop section of our website or go to the Stockists section to find your nearest Burgon & Ball retailer.

Date: 10.06.14

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

We were on Main Avenue again for this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It is always nice to meet our customers, to hear about their gardens and the tools they use.

Our RHS endorsed Stainless Hand Tools proved to be very popular - in particular the special edition, Chelsea 2014, engraved trowel that we made specially for the show!

Verti-Plant™ (now available in 6 colours) was also a hit - helped by the display of herbs we planted in them on the left-hand wall of our stand.

We had a fantastic show and were delighted to win the RHS 5 Star Tradestand Award for excellence of presentation.

Date: 26.05.14

Burgon & Ball at Top Drawer 2014

Earls Court - 12th-14th January

Burgon & Ball will be exhibiting at Top Drawer again this year. We have the same stand as last year, R22 - so if you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us!

We will be showing four, new and exciting, product ranges at the show; RHS Gifts for Gardeners, a collection of stylish enamelware tins, a brand new range of Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball garden gifts and Verti-plant - vertical gardening made easy!

We will also be giving out copies of our brand new 2014 catalogue, so come along to pick up a copy.

Date: 07.01.14

40 Years working at Burgon & Ball

John Osowski has been presented with his long service award today by Managing Director Heather Culpan. He has been working at Burgon & Ball for the last 40 years.

John is responsible for bending our shears, by hand, to ensure the blades are set to give the perfect cut, time after time, after time. During his 40 years we calculate that John has bent over 1 million pairs of shears!

Date: 23.10.13

Burgon & Ball’s ‘RHS Gifts for Gardeners’ win two Glee Awards!

We are delighted to announce that our new range of RHS Gifts for Gardeners have won two Glee Awards! One in the ‘Home, Gift & Clothing’ category and also the ‘Best of British’ award.

The range includes a special version of the popular Kneelo® kneeler, hand tools, secateurs and gloves, all in packaging carrying beautiful botanical plant images from the RHS Lindley Library artwork archives covering three themes – Chrysanthemum, Rosa and Passiflora. It was selected from more than 200 entries, before Glee opened on Sunday morning, by an expert panel of judges representing independent and multiple retailers, the media, trade associations and international suppliers.

Judge Tamsin Westhorpe said “The RHS Endorsed Garden Gift collection was an obvious winner. Featuring images from the RHS Lindley Library, the packaging is just beautiful, and the quality of the gardening tools inside match the loveliness of the gift - you'd know that someone loved you if you received it! It's a good example of an existing branded item being combined with others to make a highly desirable new gift set.”

Date: 17.09.13

Visit Burgon & Ball at Glee

NEC Birmingham UK, 15th-17th September 2013

Are you visiting Glee this year?

The Burgon & Ball stand is bigger and better than ever – we have not one, but two stands in Hall 5 - A02 and A03.

We have expanded our range of RHS Endorsed tools and will be introducing an exciting RHS Endorsed gift range. All in all we will be launching over 50 new products at the show. Make the most of this opportunity to see our entire product range and be the first to see next year’s bestselling lines!

Glee is running a ‘New Product Showcase’ in the Hub this year. This is your chance to discover the latest products that will set your product ranges apart. You will find lots of Burgon & Ball products in the Showcase (in the Hub in Hall 5).

A panel of industry experts will be judging the showcased products and the best in each category will be awarded a ‘Glee Award’. You will also have the opportunity to vote for your favourite. Fingers crossed we win an award this year!

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Date: 12.09.13

Burgon & Ball Kneelo® Knee Pads win a GIMA Award!

We are pleased to announce that Burgon & Ball Kneelo® Knee Pads have won Best Garden Retail Product in the GIMA Awards 2013.

Kneelo® Knee Pad's unique shape and materials deliver optimal flexibility and comfort when kneeling, standing or walking.

Deep contoured memory foam pads allow you to work in cushioned comfort for prolonged periods of time.

Date: 19.07.13

Flexi Compost Aerator shortlisted for RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2013

We are delighted to announce that our Flexi Compost Aerator has been shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year 2013.

For the last three years this competition has been run by the RHS to find the very best new garden products. Judging takes place on Sunday 19th May and the winner will be announced on Monday 20th May.

To find out more about our Flexi Compost Aerator go to the shop section of our website. You will find it in the Eco Gardening section.

Date: 25/03/13

Spring Fair 2013

NEC Birmingham - 3-7 February 2013

Burgon & Ball will be exhibiting at Spring Fair, at the NEC in Birmingham between 3-7 February 2013.

We are in Hall 6, Stand K61/J60, so if you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us and pick up a copy of our brand new catalogue!

We will be showing 4 new product ranges for 2013; a collection of stylish enamelware tins, innovative Eco Gardening products, a brand new range of Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball garden gifts and our (already bestselling!) Kneelo Knee Pads.

Date: 23/01/13

Top Drawer 2013

Earls Court - 13th-15th January

Burgon & Ball will be exhibiting at Top Drawer again this year. Our stand is R22, so if you are visiting the show don't forget to visit us!

We will be launching 3 new, exciting, product ranges at the show; a collection of stylish enamelware tins, innovative Eco Gardening products and a brand new range of Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball garden gifts.

If you would like to talk to Sophie about her new range she will be available on our stand on Monday 14th January 3-5pm.

Date: 09/01/13

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012

We were back on Main Avenue for this year's RHS Chesea Flower Show. It is always nice to meet our customers, to hear about their gardens and the tools they use. This year Topiary was a big trend at the show and as a result we completely sold out of Topiary Shears!

Verti-Plant™ also proved very popular - helped by the display of herbs we planted in them on the left-hand wall of our stand.

We had a fantastic show and were delighted to win The RHS Chelsea Tradestand Trophy for excellence of presentation.

Date: 28/05/12

Burgon & Ball Win at the House Beautiful Awards 2011

in the "Best Garden Product" Category

We are pleased to announce that Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Garden Tools have won the Silver Award for "Best Garden Product", in the House Beautiful Awards 2011.

Sophie Conran's inspiration for the range: "As a gardener I have always dreamed of creating a range of garden tools and accessories. I believe that tools should be functional and beautiful, and make each job a pleasure.

One of the problems I face as a women when gardening is that my hands are generally too small for standard tools. My designs specifically address this issue and I hope will add to the joy of gardening.

The better the tools, the easier the job."

The Burgon & Ball Kneelo was also shortlisted for an award in the same category.

Date: 11/11/11

Burgon & Ball add four new products to best selling "Grow Your Own" range

New additions to the range include; the Greenhouse Caddy - great for keeping twine, labels, seeds etc. tidy, Bird Feed & Chicken Feed Tins, each with handy aluminium scoops and lastly an Egg Collecting Tin for collecting and storing your hen's freshly laid eggs.

All tins are highly practical and make great gifts.

Date: 26/10/11

Burgon & Ball Win at the Licensing Awards 2011

in the Best Licensed Home Décor, Tableware or Housewares Range category

We are pleased to announce that Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Buckets of Fun have scooped the award for Best Licensed Home Décor, Tableware or Housewares Range in the 2011 Licensing Awards.

Sophie Conran's inspiration for the range: "Time away from the normal routine, with the family, is truly one of life’s great pleasures and outdoor adventures bring fun and giggles.

The gift sets I’ve developed give inspiration and all the essentials to join in the fun – from Camping to Partying, from Outdoor Games to Barbecuing. All of the sets are contained within galvanized steel buckets – powder coated on the inside in beautiful bright colours."

Date: 14/09/11

An RHS Gold Medal for "The Burgon & Ball 5 A Day Garden"

at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

This year, for the first time ever, we had a garden at The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and we are delighted to announce that it was awarded a Gold Medal!

For lots more information and pictures of our garden, or to download your own Burgon & Ball 5 A Day Garden Planner visit our mini site... www.5adaygarden.co.uk

Date: 11/07/11

Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball

Gardening & The Great Outdoors Collection

Sophie Conran officially launched her new range of products yesterday on the Burgon & Ball stand. The Gardening and The Great Outdoors Collection of products has been designed by Sophie exclusively for Burgon & Ball and has proven to be very popular already!

The range includes garden hand tools, gloves, wildlife havens and "buckets of fun" gift sets.

Stock is available from the end of March. Please contact us for more details or see the range for yourself at Spring Fair.

Date: 08/02/11

Burgon & Ball Ratchet Pruner voted Best Buy

in "Amateur Gardening" magazine

Date: 18/11/10

Burgon & Ball launch new "Miracle Patio Surface Cleaning Brush"

The Burgon & Ball "Miracle Patio Surface Cleaning Brush" removes surface moss, lichen and dirt - while you sweep.

Galvanised spring steel bristles, interspersed throughout the brush head, gently clean the surface of the paving, while tough but flexible polypropylene bristles gather all loose leaves and debris removed by the wire.

Generously sized 28cm of bristles cover ground quickly. FSC wooden head and 146cm long handle.

RRP £17.95.

Date: 05/10/10

Burgon & Ball Hedge Shears are voted Best Buy

in "Garden News" magazine

Date: 19/08/10

Burgon & Ball Fruit & Flower Snip is voted Best Buy

in "Amateur Gardening" magazine

Date: 27/07/10

Editor's Choice goes to Burgon & Ball Lawn Edging Shear

in "The English Garden" magazine

Date: 20/07/10

Top Marks for Burgon & Ball Half Moon Lawn Edger

in "Amateur Gardening" magazine

Date: 26/05/10

9 out of 10 stars for Burgon & Ball Border Spade

in "Grow It!" magazine

Date: 20/05/10

Burgon & Ball Debuts on Main Avenue at the Chelsea Flower Show

As always Burgon & Ball will exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (25th - 29th May) - this year we have moved to a new, bigger and better location on the corner of Main Avenue and Sweetingham Way - our stand is number SW1, right opposite the Laurent Perrier Garden. We're always delighted to see our customers - all our new products will be on display and we will have a selection of our famous Topiary Shears for you have a go with to see which is the right one for you.

Date: 18/05/10

Burgon & Ball featured on BBC 2's "The Genius of Design"

Tune in this Friday 7th May at 7.00pm

The Genius of Design is a new six part series that takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the design and production of some of the most significant and iconic products of the modern era.

Burgon & Ball is featured in the first show. Its patented sheep shearing shear is identified as one of the most significant design and manufacturing innovations of the industrial revolution.

This unique product has proved to be so successful and ahead of its time, that despite it now being used by both sheep shearers and gardeners alike, the design and manufacturing process remains virtually unchanged.

The journey takes us from the first factories created by the pioneers of industrialisation through to the studios and production lines of some of the most powerful and influential corporations of the 21st Century.

Featuring contributions from Philippe Starck, Stephen Fry & Alberto Alessi, The Genius of Design makes compulsive viewing – we suggest you make a date for 7pm this Friday, BBC2.

Date: 06/05/10

Stunning new Burgon & Ball "store in store"

at Stewarts Gardenlands in Christchurch

Burgon & Ball are delighted to announce the opening of an exciting new ‘store in store’ display in Stewarts Gardenlands garden centre in Christchurch, Dorset. The retail area is packed with a fantastic range of Burgon & Ball’s high quality and stylish garden tools and accessories. Lots of point of sale material, made especially for Stewarts, gives information for customers about choosing the right tool for each job.

Pictured here is Burgon & Ball Managing Director Heather Culpan with Duncan Wills, Garden Shop Manager of Stewarts.

Stewarts Gardenlands have been voted the garden centre with the Best Plant Area, across the whole of the UK for the second year running.

Both companies have a lengthy pedigree, with Stewarts dating back to 1742 and Burgon & Ball to 1730 – a combined 549 years of gardening manufacturing and retailing excellence.

You can visit the Stewarts website using the address below and if you live in the area go and visit – it’s well worth the trip!


Date: 12/04/10

Burgon & Ball Compost Scoop Scoops Top Marks...

...in this week's Amateur Gardening Magazine

"... a joy to use. I could tell the materials it's made from were good quality, but this is what I've come to expect from this well known brand."

Date: 26/03/10

World Tools Collection

the best garden tool designs from around the world

Throughout the centuries, gardeners & horticulturists around the world have developed different tools to suit their needs. Some tools are specific to the cultivation of certain plants or crops, others are just a different way of doing the same jobs. The Burgon & Ball World Tools Collection brings together some of the best ideas we have found from around the globe – to bring a fresh approach to cultivation and broaden the gardening armoury.

Date: 11/03/09

Eat the Credit Crunch...

Delicious home grown vegetables & herbs

Now everyone can grow their own vegetables, salads and herbs – all you need is a patio or balcony and Burgon & Ball’s new, award winning Home Allotment™ planters.

Hand woven willow panels, in either a natural or whitewashed finish, surround the durable planting bags to create stylish and highly practical raised beds.

The super strong planting bags, with reinforced webbing handles have drainage holes and the planters can be simply disassembled for storage over the winter.

Date: 28/02/09

Home Allotment & Grow Your Own ranges tipped to be bestsellers in 2009

Burgon & Ball’s two new product ranges, Home Allotment and Grow Your Own, receive high praise in a video by Garden Trade News at the Glee trade show.

Garden Trade News asked UK Garden Centre professionals give their views on which products launched at Glee 2008 will be bestsellers for them in 2009 – see for yourself what they have to say!

Date: 17/10/08

Home Allotment range scoops top award

Burgon & Ball’s Home Allotment range won the coveted trophy for best Garden Care Innovation at last night’s Glee Awards ceremony.

Judge Mike Burks said “Taking home growing to the next stage, the Home Allotment works well, making it stylish and practical.”

Date: 23/09/08

Home Allotment range is shortlisted for the Garden Care Innovation award

Burgon & Ball’s Home Allotment range has been shortlisted in the Garden Care Innovation category for a Glee New Product award.

The award ceremony will be held at the Hilton Metropole, NEC Birmingham on the evening of Monday 22nd September. The awards will be judged by an expert panel of garden centre and retail managers, journalists and industry specialists.

Date: 21/09/08